Simple But Creative DIY T SHIRT Cutting Ideas

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DIY T SHIRT INTO tie-up dress

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What you’ll need

  • oversized t-shirt
  • scissor
  • measuring tape
  • needles and treads or sewing glue

For this DIY t shirt project, I suggest you select large or an extra large t-shirt. the larger the dress are the more length you can have to work with which is really good. okay then’ let’s start! 1st take your t-shirt and put it inside out and fold it in half. Now remove all the wrinkles out of the t-shirt.

Now make a small mark under the armpit of the t-shirt. Measure 3 inches from the armpit to below you just drew. now mark a small point in between the two marks. now measure 7 inches toward the middle of the shirt and trace out kind of like a “U” shape across the marks you just drew.

After done with that mark the hip and front line. Now cut off all the marks you just made. Open the shirt up and you should have two separate pieces. Now we are gonna start sewing part. But you can use sewing gum as well. sew on the marks we made (3 inches from armpit) earlier. if you need a slim dress cut the sides all the way down and sew it again removing about a half inches. Make sure you do this to both sides.  sew or glue the cut outlines we made.

Now cut 8 inches long 3 inches wide two-strip from the leftover fabric. Tie one strip to the front and other to the back. now you are officially done with your beautiful tie up summer dress you just made from an oversized t-shirt.

diy t shirt
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DIY t shirt into “v” neck dress

v neck dress
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Cut off ‘v’ neck dress are quite famous these days. This takes only a few minutes and makes any tee look wooow! So let’s make this from men’s t-shirt.

what you’ll need

  • a t-shirt
  • scissor
  • ruler

Take your t-shirt and measure the length you want your V neck to end. Draw V shape from the place where you measure. make sure to draw just under the collar area, so that you can keep collar strip. Next, mark another 3 lines about 3 inches just under the collar area.

Now fold the only front part of the t-shirt. Make sure collar seam are still sat on each other.  now carefully cut the top of the collar area. Next carefully cut the other marks you made. and this is super easy.

v neck
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oversized t shirt into one shoulder dress

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Lay your extra size t-shirt on a flat surface. Now mark the lines as shown in the picture.

Before cut it 1st make a pattern and draw it on your t-shirt.

If you are a beginner 1st you can make a pattern and draw it on your t-shirt. Now you have one side cut off t-shirt. you can just keep the t-shirt that way or you can remove the hand from the other side. or you can make cold shoulder hand for the other side. Each of those looks beautiful you can choose either one. After you done with cutting using a perfectly fit dress mark the hip and bottom side. now cut off the extra fabric. sew or glue on it. You are done!

Recreate men’s t-shirt into a cute dress

mens t-shirt
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What you’ll need

  • L or EL t-shirt
  • scissor
  • elastic
  • sewing machine

This is also an easy DIY project but the outcome is priceless. what you have to do is lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and mark where you want to attach your waistband. Next measure your waist remove 3 inches from your waistband. For example, if your waist is 28 inches then your new size is 24 inches. Cut your elastic band on your waist measurement. Now stitch elastic band to the t-shirt. Next cut sleeves. okay, you are finished!

Recreate a diy t shirt kimono

diy kimono
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what you’ll need

  • an oversized t-shirt
  • scissor
  • chalk
  • Fringe
  • needle and treads or glue

1st lay your shirt on the flat surface and find the center. Then mark a straight line with chalk and cut only the front piece of the shirt.

2nd mark a V shape on the collar (as shown in the 3rd picture) and cut it off. Stretch the fabric along the cut. As you can see you already have a kimono.

Now lay your kimono over to the back. stitch or glue the fringe to kimono. Next using fabric paint you can color the bottom part of the kimono. These two steps are totally optional and if you don’t need an extra work you can just keep your kimona that way.

That’s it! we are done.  Your DIY t shirt kimono will be super cute with your DIY bralette and DIY shorts.

diy kimono steps






Get The Perfect 90s Grunge Fashion Look

90s grunge fashion

The love for the 90s fashion is still here and many fashion trends have come from its way. The 90s grunge fashion is one of those amazing trends in 90s. From ripped jeans to ankle boots, this gitty trend is back once more. The real question is how do you rock in this amazing style after 20 years later. If you have no idea let’s walk through this article to find out more about it. We have covered almost everything in 90s fashion grunge and now it’s all yours to rock.

Have you guys noticed that fashions from the past, especially from the 90s is making serious comeback? Well, that is no surprise with Racheal Green’s outfits from friends we all need to dress like her, right? So now you have a perfect chance to dress like her with this amazing comeback.


This grunge fashion is originated from the 80s and it was popular in 90s by bands like Soundgarden and Nirvana which followed grunge music style. It happened to be a subculture with its own, unique clothing, accessories and hairstyles. To follow grunge trend you need to consider your shoes, clothes, attitudes, and taste of the music of course.

Grunge Hair Style 

Are you one of those people who doesn’t like neet hairstyles? Then grunge hair is what you are looking for. Grunge hair is messy, greasy and it won’t require to wash daily. It simply letting your hair to be natural.

90s grunge fashion

Grunge Makeup

In 90s grunge fashion makeup, you have 2 choices, which are either going without makeup or apply it heavily for strong look. Brown, wine, berry lipstick colors are stick with 90s grunge makeup. And don’t forget about thick mascara and smudged eyeliner.


90s fashion

Finally, 90s grunge style is a subculture that was popular during the 90s era. Even though fashion does change with time, it also can come back with a new level. 90s fashion is all about grunge, hip hop, and cuteness. So there is no harm to follow those pretty styles and customize it your own way.


How To Rock In 90s Fashion Men

90s fashion men

Round shape sunglasses, oversized garments, washed-out denim, leather jackets, bucket hats and you know where I am going through with these. It’s the celebration of the come back of the 90s era and here we are guiding you to survive through the come back of 90s fashion men.

Not 90s fashion influence only on girls but it influenced men’s fashion as well. The 90s is the birth of great fashion trends like hip hop style, grunge fashion which is really influenced by men dress style. So it is no secret that this is the best decade of men attires which has a lot to do with today trends as well. Here are some of the best 90s fashion trends, which you can totally use today.

Best 90s Fashion Men

Grunge Fashion 90s

It seems grunge fashion 90s never really go away. Today many hip hop stars follow grunge fashion, Travis Scott, Kanye West influenced by Nirvana and oversized flannel shirts, ripped denim, leather jackets, checked sleeves, chunky accessories are their favorite, it seems.

Grunge Fashion 90s

90s Fashion Men Leather Jackets

Men dressed in a leather jacket, “so manly” and that’s what women think. Did you know that? Well, black leather jackets are manly and boys don’t forget women love that look. Don’t think the leather jacket is only for your casual look, but you are able to style it for parties too.

90s fashion

Round Sunglasses

Round shape glass with the metallic, black, white, or brown color frame was used 90s fashion men so the trend has totally comeback on today as well.

90s hiphop fashion

Double Denim

From Acid wash denim to ripped jeans it seems denim has come to a long way trough 90s fashion men styles and today the same styles are more popular than any denim trends on men’s trends.

The most common trend on 90s men is denim on denim style, means wearing both denim trouser and a jacket at once.  Simplicity is the main rule if you follow 90s fashion of men.

90s mens fashion

Oversized Everything But Sunglasses

90s hip hop fashion

Apart from the sunglasses, “The bigger is the better” is the main concept of 90s fashion for men. This oversized gave a new look to the 90s and many bands follow that. Wide-legged trousers mixed with boxy sweatshirts, oversized tailoring, and chunky accessories.

Snapback Hats

90s fashion

Snapback hats born with the Hip-hop style and soon, the style spread all over the world. Today these caps with feature logos still rock in the young generation. And instead of the side, the style should be worn forward or backward.


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90s Fashion Women Trends That Can Totally Use Today

90s fashion women

From the 60s, 70s, and the 80s, here we are from the 90s fashion trends. From tattoos, ear piercing to body piercing, grunge makeup trends, crop tops to pleated mini skirts 90s fashion still rocked in 2019. It is no secret anymore that 90s fashion trends have fully come back to today and since we all are more comfortable with uncommon trends today we thought we will introduce you to 90s fashion women trends that have been a secret.

Can you just believe these trends have made from a decade ago and today we love to use them today? Sometimes we don’t have any idea, this fashion is made in the 90s. So without further due let’s get started with the 90s fashion women trends.

About 90s Fashion Women Trends

The oversized, shapeless dresses, the bucket hats, grunge makeup, too-bold patterns and let’s time travel your closet back to 90s fashion.

The 90s fashion is not just slowly coming back but it’s coming way too speedy and you can’t even know these fashions from 90s. You will see spaghetti strap dress, leather jackets, dungarees, round glasses, oversized mommy jeans in the runway to Newyork city and where do you think these come from? Hope you will get your answer when you finish this one.

Popular 90s Fashion

Grunge Fashion

In 90s grunge music were popular so the grunge fashion. Soon grunge spread all over the fashion field and morphed into people’s life.  With baggy pants, heavy-looking chain, oversized flannel shirts come to mind when thinking about grunge fashion. By giving these characters to a modern look, today this look seems to come back.

90s grunge fashion
Image Source:

Black Dress

“Every woman should own a little black dress”. And where do you think that concept came from? Your favorite black dress has come all the way from the 90s. Those days fashion is all about sassy and super short dresses. And no one did it better than Rachel Green from Friends.

black 90s fashion

Baggy Pants and Chunky accessories

And it’s the best time for the baggy pants like mommy jeans and chunky accessories to wear. I mean isn’t that quite unique and uncommon? The mommy jeans are slowly coming back on stage and now you can get the perfect hip hop look with 90s vibes. After all, those are more comfortable, oversized, cotton denim pants and not like the painful tight jeans you are wearing at this moment. There are many variations but this super-duper comfy mommy jean is all you need right now.

90s outfit ideas

Sporty Look

Did you know that those 90s fashion women worn extra comfy? So much sporty look with comfiness has become famous those days and it’s not a harm to bring back that trendy look.  I mean c’mon ladies, instead of wearing those tight, high waist jeans isn’t that wonderful to wear baggy pants which makes you so much comfy with an athleisure look. This look is more perfect with activewear company logos just as you are wearing now.

90s hip hop fashion

Cute Backpacks

Last year, if you asked to wear a backpack, it will feel so old school, right? But now backpacks are way come back from the 90s and many are love to wear those cute ones. [Popular big brands like Channel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry has already signed up to this amazingly cute trend so why you late?

90s fashion women

Slip dresses

Slip dresses? Yes, we do wear slip dresses and did you know they were originally came from the 90s?

90s fashion

Schoolgirl Pleated Skirts

From friends to clueless we couldn’t resist those cute, mini skirts they were wearing. Remember Rachel’s famous pleated, mini skirt with a white baggy jacket, the one wear they lose Ross’s monkey? Well, how could we forget those wonderful wonderful trends and ladies you can totally wear that style today because 90s fashion is what we are bringing back. Believe me, those pretty elegant skirts with an oversized cropped cardigans will never go out of style.

90s outfit ideas

Chain Belt

Did you see Bella Hadid wore one out in New York City? And this chain belt will complete your favorite hip hop style if you need it that way.

90s grunge fashion

Printed Leggings

This started in the 80s and it went all over the 90s decade. And remember Racheal worn one in where she got her tattoo? Isn’t that the exact outfit we need to try this summer? Printed leggings with a crop top, you cannot deny that.

friends outfits


Black, yet plastic. The style comeback when our popular stars like Kylie, Kendall, and Gigi started to sport this on Instagram. It doesn’t matter velvet, sheer, lace, chockers goes with anything.

90s fashion women

Spaghetti straps

Spaghetti straps were once popular in the 90s and now today.

rachel green outfits

Oval Sunglasses

We have been forgotten about this so long until it comes back today.  Oval sunglasses just started to come back, and you will see them almost everywhere soon.

Oval sunglasses were considered goofy and nerdy once and now it is more popular than anything.

90s hip hop fashion

Strappy Heels

We see strappy heels and sandals everywhere than anywhere now. And here is the place that introduced the style.

90s trends

Tie Die

Another 90s vibe. You are not fully 90s if you do not own a tie-dye t-shirt. These fashion were everywhere those days and today as well.

tie dye shirts


That style you have been following from popular Instagram star’s, which your hair is half up and half down where did you think it first came up? Well, that’s right that also from this amazing decade.

90s scrunchies

Crop Tops

What, Crop tops as well? Well, yes! We have been influencing all from the 90s. Over time crop tops have gotten better and better. It doesn’t matter you are wearing a maxi skirt, jeans, shorts, or any jacket, there is nothing you cannot pair with a crop top.

90s fashion

Long Leather Jackets

This was the major thing in the 90s. This 90s fashion women trend is not fully complete if we aren’t talking about those popular leather jackets.

A leather jacket may be expensive but do you know it’s like a lifesaver? There is nothing you cannot do with a leather jacket because it goes almost anything and everything.


Natural Weight Loss Foods To Eat Everyday

Not all foods have the same benefits. Each food has various benefits. While one food promotes weight gain other food will provide weight loss benefits. So here are natural weight loss foods to include your meal every day.

List Of Natural Weight Loss Foods

  • Whole egg
    natural weight loss foods
    Image source – Google
  • Nuts
  • Oily fish
  • Peas
  • coconut oil
  • chickpeas
  • Yogurt
  • Chilli pepper
  • Green Tea
  • Peanut butter
  • Pumpkin
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Seeds
  • Potatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Berries
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Whole grain
  • Oats
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Tomatoes

Food Hacks to lose weight

-Add more protein and reduce carbs from your diet. This is what simply does in the keto diet plan. Higher protein diet gives you a feeling of fullness and reduces appetite.

-Stay away from processed foods. Because they are high in sugar, salt, fat, and calories.

weight loss foods

-Eat whole food with single ingredients. Most whole foods make easier to keep healthy calories and give a fullness.

-Take healthy foods and beverages. Keep healthy foods in the refrigerator and avoid buying other snacks.

-Limit your intake of sugar. Suger has a lot to do with your weight gain. So it is not a natural weight loss food.

-Drink more water as much as you can. Drinking water always gets the fullness so drink water before a meal would be a help to naturally lose weight.

-Avoid liquer and smoking if you are planning to lose weight.

-Drink unsweetened coffee and green tea.

-Use a small plate to eat big cup to drink.

-Eat more vegetables and fruits. They are a great source of fiber and nutrients.

-Get a low carb diet.

-Eat slowly. When you are easting fast your body cannot understand how much calories you are intake so the result is weight gain.

-Add more eggs to your meal. Eggs are the best natural weight loss foods and get one egg per day to lose weight.

How To Stop Hair Breakage Naturally

Stop Hair Breakage Naturally
source: Google

Hair breakages, split ends, brittle hair, dried hair and those are common hair problems today. Not having a good hair day will blow up all your plans and dreams. Dry and damaged hair is everything when even when you dressed not pretty way. So it’s obvious that you are finding answers for how to stop hair breakage naturally.

The answer to the above question is simple. All you have to do is follow the below guideline correctly. Here we are discussing natural remedies to stop hair breakage naturally.

What Is Hair Breakage

When hair shafts break, it will result in hair split ends and damages. This is due to dry scalp and not caring about your hair.

Reasons to Hair Breakage

  • Using Hot water to wash hair
  • Bathing everyday
  • lack of moisture in the scalp
  • Heat styling products
  • Hair coloring
  • Blow-drying hair

Best Remedies To Stop Hair breakage naturally

Take your vitamins correctly

Vitamin C, D, and biotin are best friends of healthy hair. No matter how much you spend on chemical hair treatments unless you are intake these vitamin included foods.

Oil Massage

Using coconut oil or olive oil, massage your hair before taking a shower. It will help you to get moisture to your skin.

how to Stop Hair Breakage Naturally

Egg  Hair mask

The most effective way to stop hair breakage naturally. Mix eggs with olive oil, yogurt, and lemon. after 30 minutes, wash it with cold water. Repeat this once a week. Eggs are a great source of protein which helps to heal your hair.

Natural Oils that prevents Hair breakage

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almonds oil
  • Castor oil
  • Argan oil
  • Chamomile essential oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Does Olive Oil Makeup Remover Actually Effective?

olive oil makeup remover

Removing your make up is the most horrible thing that anyone can face. If you are using makeup on a daily basis well that must be really hard for you to remove them. And the most challenging part is choosing a proper makeup remover which doesn’t harm your skin while removing makeup.

The best option for this is removing makeup using natural ingredients. One of the best makeup removing natural ingredients is olive oil. Here is the guide to use olive oil makeup remover.

Benefits of Olive Oil Makeup Remover

-It doesn’t matter if you have sensitive skin, dry skin or oily skin olive oil works great on any skin types. The best one is extra virgin olive oil.

-The oily properties that olive oil has will remove your makeup immediately without any troubles.

-It works great on any makeup even on waterproof mascara.

-Not only olive oil will remove makeup but it acts as a moisturizer to your skin.

-It will make your face glowing like never before.

-After all, it is inexpensive.

How Does this Work?

Since makeup also made from oils it makes sense that oil to oil combination works fine and remove makeup properly. And did you know that many makeup removers included oil?

How To Use Olive Oil As a Makeup Remover

The olive oil makeup remover process is pretty simple yet effective. All you have to do is using a cotton pad and drops of olive oil remove your makeup just the way you do it with normal makeup remover. After removing process rinse face using cold water.