Simple But Creative DIY T SHIRT Cutting Ideas

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DIY T SHIRT INTO tie-up dress

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What you’ll need

  • oversized t-shirt
  • scissor
  • measuring tape
  • needles and treads or sewing glue

For this DIY t shirt project, I suggest you select large or an extra large t-shirt. the larger the dress are the more length you can have to work with which is really good. okay then’ let’s start! 1st take your t-shirt and put it inside out and fold it in half. Now remove all the wrinkles out of the t-shirt.

Now make a small mark under the armpit of the t-shirt. Measure 3 inches from the armpit to below you just drew. now mark a small point in between the two marks. now measure 7 inches toward the middle of the shirt and trace out kind of like a “U” shape across the marks you just drew.

After done with that mark the hip and front line. Now cut off all the marks you just made. Open the shirt up and you should have two separate pieces. Now we are gonna start sewing part. But you can use sewing gum as well. sew on the marks we made (3 inches from armpit) earlier. if you need a slim dress cut the sides all the way down and sew it again removing about a half inches. Make sure you do this to both sides.  sew or glue the cut outlines we made.

Now cut 8 inches long 3 inches wide two-strip from the leftover fabric. Tie one strip to the front and other to the back. now you are officially done with your beautiful tie up summer dress you just made from an oversized t-shirt.

diy t shirt
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DIY t shirt into “v” neck dress

v neck dress
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Cut off ‘v’ neck dress are quite famous these days. This takes only a few minutes and makes any tee look wooow! So let’s make this from men’s t-shirt.

what you’ll need

  • a t-shirt
  • scissor
  • ruler

Take your t-shirt and measure the length you want your V neck to end. Draw V shape from the place where you measure. make sure to draw just under the collar area, so that you can keep collar strip. Next, mark another 3 lines about 3 inches just under the collar area.

Now fold the only front part of the t-shirt. Make sure collar seam are still sat on each other.  now carefully cut the top of the collar area. Next carefully cut the other marks you made. and this is super easy.

v neck
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oversized t shirt into one shoulder dress

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Lay your extra size t-shirt on a flat surface. Now mark the lines as shown in the picture.

Before cut it 1st make a pattern and draw it on your t-shirt.

If you are a beginner 1st you can make a pattern and draw it on your t-shirt. Now you have one side cut off t-shirt. you can just keep the t-shirt that way or you can remove the hand from the other side. or you can make cold shoulder hand for the other side. Each of those looks beautiful you can choose either one. After you done with cutting using a perfectly fit dress mark the hip and bottom side. now cut off the extra fabric. sew or glue on it. You are done!

Recreate men’s t-shirt into a cute dress

mens t-shirt
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What you’ll need

  • L or EL t-shirt
  • scissor
  • elastic
  • sewing machine

This is also an easy DIY project but the outcome is priceless. what you have to do is lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and mark where you want to attach your waistband. Next measure your waist remove 3 inches from your waistband. For example, if your waist is 28 inches then your new size is 24 inches. Cut your elastic band on your waist measurement. Now stitch elastic band to the t-shirt. Next cut sleeves. okay, you are finished!

Recreate a diy t shirt kimono

diy kimono
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what you’ll need

  • an oversized t-shirt
  • scissor
  • chalk
  • Fringe
  • needle and treads or glue

1st lay your shirt on the flat surface and find the center. Then mark a straight line with chalk and cut only the front piece of the shirt.

2nd mark a V shape on the collar (as shown in the 3rd picture) and cut it off. Stretch the fabric along the cut. As you can see you already have a kimono.

Now lay your kimono over to the back. stitch or glue the fringe to kimono. Next using fabric paint you can color the bottom part of the kimono. These two steps are totally optional and if you don’t need an extra work you can just keep your kimona that way.

That’s it! we are done.  Your DIY t shirt kimono will be super cute with your DIY bralette and DIY shorts.

diy kimono steps






Easy DIY t shirt cutting ideas – no sewing required

DIY t shirt
             No Sewing DIY t-shirt cutting Image Courtesy: Google

why do you wear the same t-shirts every day when there are many DIY t shirts ideas to transform your regular t-shirt into new and different.  They are super easy and only take five minutes to complete. And the most importantly it doesn’t require sewing skill. Here, I’ll show you two DIY t shirt cutting ideas to transform your boring t-shirt into something you love to wear every day.

cut t-shirt into off shoulder top

t shirt cutting ideas
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This is one of the super simple DIY t shirt  and this will literally take you to under five-minute to complete.

What you’ll need:

  • Old t-shirt
  • scissor
t shirt cutting ideas
6 steps to cut the t-shirt into off shoulder top

Take your old t-shirt and lay it on a flat surface. 1st thing to do is cut off your collar. If you are a beginner you can practice this on another old t-shirt that you really don’t care. But this is super easy ladies! even if you are a beginner I’m quite sure you can succeed in 1st try.

Mark directly underneath the stitching of the collar. but for the other side, you are going to cut a little bit wider than the first one. Because we want this to be an off shoulder t-shirt. You can select either side. Now cut the mark you just drew. After done with cutting stretch the fabric of the collar so that it looks more of a clean look.

After that, we are going to focus on the sleeves of the t-shirt. Cut about one inch from both sleeves and do the same stretch procedure for sleeves.

The third step is optional but you can try if your t-shirt too long or you need an off shoulder crop top. Cu the bottom part whatever length you want it to be but be careful unless you don’t want to ruin your t-shirt. What I suggest is 1st cut small part, check it and wear it if it’s not fit you can cut again. okay, ladies. we are done.  Wear your off shoulder t-shirt with high waist denim jeans or shorts and of course you can try your DIY Bralette with this off the shoulder top. Try this DIY and let me know how you succeed with this.

 Cut up DIY t shirt

t shirt cutting ideas
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This is a super cute DIY t shirt to try at home. But you have to careful with all the cutting because you can’t go back once you are cut off the t-shirt.

what you’ll need

  • a plain color t-shirt
  • scissor
  • ribbon or chalk
  • pins

1st choose a t-shirt. I recommend you a plain color t-shirt.  Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and mark the length you want to cut.  Make sure line is perfectly straight if not you can’t get this look. what I recommend is select the length you Want to cut and add a ribbon on the line using pins. If not you can just use chalk that can remove from 1st wash.

t shirt cutting ideas

Now mark the lines from neckline to sleeves where you are going to cut. You can make them thinner but don’t make too thinner if you don’t want to rip lines apart. Half of the inch would be perfect.  Also don’t cut too far from sleeves. Now cut the line you just drew.

t shirt cutting ideas

once you are finished with cutting stretch all the cutoff strips.

diy t shirt

The most important thing to remember when t-shirt cutting ideas there is no rule. You can’t go wrong with DIY t shirt. All you have to do is just grab your scissors and t-shirt and just simply cut off and remove the unnecessary parts. Don’t panic when cutting, after all, it just an old t-shirt. You have nothing to lose from an old t-shirt anyway. Never stop DIYing when you are failed because sometimes your failed DIY  t shirt will be the cutest and different one.






Bring 90s GRUNGE MAKEUP Back To Your Face

90s grunge makeup

From fashion to makeup trends 90s has made a big effect on all the women out there. I don’t whether you agree or not, but the 90s is the best era in the fashion world. It has made a huge difference from fashion to makeup, so let’s bring the most popular 90s grunge makeup trends back.

What Is Grunge Makeup?

What exactly grunge makeup is? Trust me, you all doing it but you just don’t know it is grunge makeup. Are you familiar with strong, dark lips and eyes? Well, that is grunge makeup. At some point, the 90s grunge makeup is hotter than any makeup trends.


With choker, bell bottoms, plaid shirts, necklaces, strong blue lashes, burgundy lip colors the 90s grunge makeup look is happening again. From dark lip colors between brown and mauve, we all are joining the 90s makeup trends even without knowing it.

Do you love to rock in the grunge look? So here are the 90s makeup tricks and tips to make you an original 90s look.


The trick for the 90s grunge makeup look is the less base is more. It’s all about embracing the naturality than adding too much makeup on your skin. Using tinted moisturizer it was called as the hydrated base topped.

Lip Colors

What do you think? Yes, they all are dark. From burgundy to dark chocolate brown dark lipstick colors were rocking in the 90s grunge makeup trends. But you should know that not every dark lip colors go with this trend, it just some colors that perfectly suit this era.

Eye Makeup

There are two  90s makeup looks mainly in that era as smoky or classically minimal. Both of these looks has used the same tools and shades but what difference among them is the way you apply it.

Smoky Eyes 

The trick here is not to care, just draw it on eyes for a smoky look.

Nail Polish

So just as other trends nail polish also used with darker colors especially black.

The grunge look is always connected with darkness, gothic and most importantly with the sexiness. The best thing about 90s grunge makeup look is, it is for every girl. It doesn’t matter you have a dark skin tone, light skin tone, pail or fair skin. Hope you got an idea about grunge makeup. Actually, the grunge trend is edgy, cool, different yet effortless.



90S MAKEUP Trends Still Rock In 2019

90s makeup

Trust me, nothing’s ever going to old or out of style. For example, today we do like to wear  80s and 90s fashion including dress styles, hairstyles, makeup styles and more. The 90s clothing has fully returned recently, and 90s makeup trends are waving at us for the new year look. From burgundy lipstick to blue eyeshadows, frosty lips, Face-framing tendrils to unforgettable glitter are all back the runway to the street. The 2019 makeup would start the new era in the fashion world, but it will not forget to add 90s fashion on its very special pages. This is why we should always know that fashion will never go out of style as long as you are updating about the new trends in the fashion world. So today I am giving you the best instructions about 90s makeup trends which is still useful in 2019. Embrace the 90s fashion to rock in your makeup once again.

Here are the best 90s makeup trends 

I don’t know about you but clearly, the 90s is the best era of fashion. It just not gave us great movies, TV series but with them, it gave us a great sense of fashion. Unconsciously we still wear 90s makeup today. Did you ever know that matte face, dark lip-liner, brown lipstick are from the 90s? Well, that’s what I am talking about.

Here I am not talking about all the 90s fashion trends but if you do like to know about 90s outfit ideas read here.  But I have found the best of the best make up trend you will totally love to bring back in the year 2019 and here are the trends you should try.

The 90s makeup mainly gave more attention to the 3 areas, such as Eyebrows, eyes, and Lips. When eyebrows were super thin, darker and well-plucked eyes got the smokey look with blue eyeshadows and more darker colors. With the darker lip liners, light lipsticks were the best match in the decade.

Brown lipstick

Recently I sew that Brown lipstick has come to the fashion world, especially Kylie Jenner is using it almost every day. But the origin of brown lipstick is from 90s makeup trends. Actually brown lip color does flatter all kind of skin tones and it does look really good on everyone.

Brown lipstick

Burgundy lipstick

If you are looking at the old 90s celebrity looks it won’t hard to find burgundy lipstick from many of them. Without a doubt, burgundy was the lip color of the decade. And the style has back in today. Since the color is more suitable for cold weather I hope you won’t miss it this winter. For your information, gloss finish burgundy lip color is trending today than 90s matte look burgundy lips.

90s fashion
Image courtesy:

Blue eyeshadow

If there were the most popular 90s makeup trends that would be blue eyeshadow. I am not sure about this trend but since it is for every kind of women I guess some of you still love to wear blue eyeshadow. Well, it was a real shot back then in 90s makeup trends. You also able to use the blue color as an eyeliner, with your lash line or smokey blue eyes.

90s makeup
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Body glitter

Well, I have a secret, actually, I have been obsessed with body shimmer my entire life. Isn’t that look wonderful? Back in the 90s makeup trends, these shiny glitters were celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, Brandy best friend and they rocked it. And the style has come back today.

90s eye makeup

Super thin eyebrows

 Super thin eyebrows were huge in the 90s. Every celebrity did in those days including Madonna. Trust me this style is coming back to the new year.

90s fashion
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  Darker Lip Liner

This is called ombré lip when you use a dark lip liner with light lip color which gives a super 90s look to your face. As you may know, 90s makeup is more into darker shades, lipsticks, eyeshadows than light ones. So same apply to lip liners.

So the makeup styles you were using are not that new trend but they all used in the 90s makeup trends. Isn’t it wonderful to walk in the memory lane and pick up old 90s fashion to rock in 2019? What did you pick up from the makeup trends in the 90s? Let me know in the comment section.


How To Cut Jeans Into Shorts Like a Pro – 4 Methods

cut jeans into shorts
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Hello there you lovely weather! I know you won’t be that last. That’s why I need some new shorts to rock my summer days. Finding a perfect fitting new short is way harder than anything. You know what I mean right? So why spending more money and time on just a short while you have the perfect chance to cut jeans into shorts in a few minutes? Which is why today we are sharing the best ways to style your long jeans into shorts and 4 different denim cut off patterns. So dive in the whole article to make the best shorts like a pro.

You know what you should remind your self that it’s not necessary to go out and buy all the new shorts until we are able to cut jeans into shorts. Shorts may be a simple dress but from the beach to the grand party you can style jeans in many different ways. All you need is just old jean and your brain.

It’s the second tutorial of this DIY denim cut-offs. If you are interested to know the basic steps find the guideline from the first article here. 


  • Choosing the perfect jeans that suitable for DIY denim cut-offs is important. Your all the perfect fit short dream depends on that. You should know that sometimes even your favorite stretchy denim, you always wearing may not turn to great shorts. Here are some tips to choose the best denim,
  • Don’t choose stretchy ones. When cut jeans into shorts with stretchy pants will make much more longevity.
  • Always try to find a bit big size one for the cut. This is a secret but important tip you should follow. When you get big size denim it will end up with great shorts.
  • Maybe your boyfriend or brother’s denim would be your future short you will be the dream of having. You know what I mean right? There are dozens of jeans that your husband or boyfriend don’t use anymore. Grab one of those for your pattern or you could always go to the men’s department to find the best denim.
  • Boxy cut jeans would make a perfect pair. These boxy cuts are the best option which doesn’t hug your legs.


These four methods are the simplest way to denim cut-offs, which not require the limited time and with just cutting. Tip: Make sure to cut the denim a bit longer than you desire because it will help you to make some styles.

First Method – How to  Cut jeans into shorts with Fringe


  • A large size Denim jean
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape or old shorts that fit you


  1. Put your denim on the flat surface and measure the shorts length. Use a tape or your old short to measure the length. Mark a fine line on the jean,  so it will be easy to find when cutting.
  2. Mark extra few inches (about 2) and mark it as well. Here mark the length as “V” shape which gives flattering look to the short than just simple cut.
  3. Now cut off on the mark. Don’t panic when you are cutting because nothing goes wrong if you follow the correct steps.
  4. Once finished cut jeans into shorts wash your denim, and it will help to fray the leg nicely.

Second Method –  Ripped Short


  • Denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers /sandpaper/ razor (your choice)


  1. Follow the above steps first and finished the first step – cut jeans into shorts.
  2. As mentioned keep extra inches for the best finish and the look.
  3. Here you are going to make ripped shorts, so there are many tools that can use. These tools are like your daily using once like razor, tweezers or sandpapers.
  4. To make the fine ripped shorts look in the methods of how to make ripped jeans here. 
  5. Once you ripped your DIY denim cutoffs wash it. Here I recommend you to hand washing because hand washing is smooth which help denim shorts to fray nicely.

Third Method –  Roll- Up Shorts


  • Denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or Needle and blue thread
  • Iron


  1. Follow the above instructions and cut jeans into shorts. Make sure to keep extra inches before the cut.
  2. Go ahead and try it on.
  3. Next, row the denim edges once or twice until no raw hems shows.
  4. After you can use machine or needle threads to sew the seams which help to kept rolls as exact way.
  5. Iron the flats, wash and iron again.

Fourth Method – Girlfriend Style Shorts 

As you know the girlfriend style shorts shows a little bit more skin, which is a perfect fit for the summer.


  • Old denim jean
  • Scissor


  1. Put your jeans on a flat surface and follow the above simple guide to cut jeans into shorts.
  2. Here keep just one extra inch and cut extra fabric off.Choose the length and mark the rounded shape on the edges of both legs.
  3. Cut on it and make sure you have perfect rounded shape.
  4. If this short came to the size you need to wash it and fray the edges.

We all own jeans that we don’t even want to look at. Why just keep them in your wardrobe. Making perfect DIY denim cutoffs short may be simple it looks but it surely needs a good practice. Good luck ladies you have made the perfect shorts just from your old jeans.  But if you just have done it once and your shorts didn’t end up with the way you want it, don’t worry your second time won’t happen it again. That’s what I am guaranteed. It’s just a little practice with a lot of attention. Hope this article helps you to gain your knowledge. Comment us below if you are having any troubles.


Best Natural Acne Scar Treatments

acne scar treatments
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Acne scar treatments – You may forget you had acne past but your face did not! Acne scar is the most painful skincare issue. Whenever you see your face there is a mark or scar caused by a pimple. And I know sometimes you try everything that is possible but your acne scar won’t leave your face. So, here are some well known and best, natural acne scar treatments for you to try at your home.

Remember these treatments for minor acne scar problems. Sometimes they can be treated at home. But always you have to care whether these treatments truly works for you or not. If these methods won’t work for you, you have other options like laser treatment, dermabrasion or combination of different treatments.  These treatments should be done by experienced professional.

There are a ton of acne scar treatments you can try at home. By using natural fruits, vegetables like tomato, lemon, aloe vera, cucumber, tea tree you can reduce and remove all the acne scar that make you a headache.

Natural Acne Scar Treatments

  • Tomato Slices

acne scar treatments
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Tomato contains a ton of vitamin A, carotenes antioxidant compounds which has the power to promote the healthy re-growth of cells and heal damaged tissues. For this, all you have to do is rubbing tomato slices on scars and do this twice a week.

  • Lime Juice

Lemon has become one of the best acne scar treatments from early days.  Not only lime juice remove acne scars but also, it helps to remove dead skin and regeneration of new cells and juice of lime makes marks less visible.  Apply freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice on the scars. Keep lime juice on your face about 10 minutes and then wash it.

  • Honey

Honey contains natural moisturizer that is best for acne scar treatments. You can either apply honey on your marks and simply massage it or eat honey for best. Make sure to use a small amount for this.  This treatment is effective in both ways. Raw honey will work better with acne.

  • Water

Here comes the best acne treatment ever! Water is the best natural method. Drink plenty of water and it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body.  Try to drink lukewarm water in the morning and it will very much help.

  • Egg Whites

Egg whites always helpful not only for acne scar treatments but also for preventing acne.  For this method, using a cotton ball apply egg whites only on the scars and don’t wash, keep it on overnight. As we all know egg has a huge amount of protein. This is very effective and it has speedy healing power.

acne scar treatments
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  • Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood is well-known for acne scar treatment, especially in India. It has been used as a skin care treatment in early history and it was used as a traditional foundation by women in India. Using rose water or lukewarm water make a paste of sandalwood.  Apply this paste and keep it overnight, wash it off in the morning. There are a lot of famous brands that are using sandalwoods to make cosmetics.

  • Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice works as a skin toner. It helps to increase the skin texture, soothe the skin, heal the scars,  and reduce inflammation.

  • Tea Tree Oil

One of the most popular treatments for acne and acne scars. Tea tree oil is applied to the acne spots. This oil has the power to eliminates bacterial activity and kills the bacteria.


10 best acne treatment- remove acne within a week

best acne treatment
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Acne is not for teens anymore. Once believe that acne is only affected during teen years but now acne happens to millions of adult women and surprisingly many of them never had acne related problems in the past. Today with the busy lifestyle many people try to treat acne with medications or chemical treatments which often have side effects. Some of them just ignore acne and do their daily routine. So here, I will show you 10 simple and best acne treatment you can simply do at your home. Each of these methods won’t cost your time and money.

I know how you feel right now. Your face is damaged by acne and scars and you are stressed because of that problem. Acne can happen because of so many reasons

  • the buildup of bad bacteria, yeast, and candida
  • hormonal changes
  • lifestyle changes
  • Poor diet, eating a lot of oil, sugar, and junk foods
  • blood problems
  • stress and related problems
  • some medications like corticosteroids, androgens, birth control pills
  • smoking

suppressing the Acne

best acne treatment

Take one ice cube and cover it with a piece of cotton cloth. Now just dab it on an affected area. By this method, your pain caused by acne is going away. It relieves the pain and gives you a calm feeling.


01.Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment

best acne treatment
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Tea tree oil is one of the best acne treatment. It has the ability to fight bacteria and reduce skin inflammation. Take just ONE DROP of it and grab it on the acne. Keep the oil about 20 minutes and after that,  using cotton ball remove the oil.  According to researchers, tea tree oil work more slowly for some individuals, so be patient if this method won’t help you the first time.

02.Best acne treatment using lemon

best acne treatment

For this method, you will need lemon and honey.  Mix 3 lemon drops with 1/2 teaspoon of honey together.  Now apply the mixture on your pimple and after 20 minutes wipe it out using a clean cotton ball.

03. Turmeric for Best Acne Treatment

best acne treatment
Image: YouTube NaturalCures

Turmeric naturally brings down the swelling, kills bacteria and fight the infection. Add a little bit of water to 3 tablespoons of turmeric powder to make a paste. Apply this paste on the hurt area and leave it for 1 hour.  Wash it using warm water. Do this twice a day for a week and you will see the results.

04. Aloe Vera Treatment

best acne treatment
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This tropical plant’s gel is often used for lotions, creams and acne treatments.  For this, you will need aloe vera get and mint leaves. Take 1/2 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 3 mint leaves and mix them well together. Apply it on acne and leave it overnight.

05. Apple Cider Vinegar

best acne treatment
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Apple cider vinegar has it’s own ability to fight many types of bacteria and viruses. It also contains organic acid that can kill acne. What you have to do is mix one drop of apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of water. If your skin is sensitive use more water. Gently apply it to the skin using a cotton ball. After 20 minutes rinse it using clean water.

06. Honey and Cinnamon Mask

best acne treatment

For this method mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon together to form a paste. Apply this mask on your face. After 10-15 minutes rinse the mask completely.

07. Apply Green Tea

best acne treatment

Drinking green tea every day can promote good health. It is very high in antioxidants, which can help to reduce inflammation.  Apply 2% to 3% green tea extract to the skin. Put the green tea into the baling water for a 2-3 minute and allow it to cool.  Using a cotton ball apply the tea to the skin.

08. Tomato Acne Treatment

best acne treatment

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c and it acts as the best acne treatment.  It helps removes whiteheads and blackheads too. All you have to do is cut afresh tomato and rub it on your skin for 2 minutes. Next, wash the face with cold water. Use this remedy twice a week.

09. Banana peel

best acne treatment
Image Courtesy: Google

Why always eat a banana and throw the peel away when you have perfect chance to use it as the acne treatment. Remove the peel of the banana and cut a strip of banana peel into 2 to 3 pieces. Rub the soft, inside layer of the banana peel on your face. Do this 4 to 5 minutes every day and results will appear within a week.

10. baking soda

best acne treatment

Another great acne treatment. Breaking soda kills germs and brings down swelling. It helps to pull extra oil out and clean away dead skin cells. You will need baking soda and cucumber for this treatment. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with cucumber juice to make a thin paste. Use plain water if you don’t have cucumber juice. Put it on the hurt area. After 20 minutes wash it with warm water.



How To Grow Hair Faster- Natural Remedies and Hair Tips

grow hair faster
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I know Pixie cuts, bobs, and shoulder-length hair are the hair trends in the new year. But wouldn’t you feel like at least once you need a long hair? Then this article is for you. How to grow hair faster? Well, that is the question we all ask from ourselves and maybe from other or internet for quite a long time. There are thousands of old and new, natural and artificial remedies for you to try grow hair faster. But the problem is how do you select the best remedy according to your hair type and the climate you are living? So here, I’ll guide you to grow your hair faster with unique remedies that work for any type of hair or not consider the climate issues.

Tips for Grow Hair Faster

  • Do not use heat under your hair. This is may be difficult for most of you but if you need a healthy, long hair avoid using hair ironing and hair dryers. If you have to use heat anyway then use a heat protector.
  • Trim your hair for every month.
  • stay away from bleaching and dying your hair.  If not you are literally damaging your hair.
  • Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet.
  • Drink more water and increase your water intake. There are like thousands of different studies and experiment with the combination of water intake and hair growing. All of those experiments suggest drinking more water for growing long hair.
  • Go on a healthy diet. Try to avoid junk foods. A mix of protein and nutrients can improve the condition of your hair.
  • Don’t think too much about everything. Stress can affect your hair.

Natural Remedies for Grow Hair Faster

01.Egg Hair Mask

grow hair faster
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What you will need

  • two eggs (if you have short hair use one egg)
  • one tablespoon of olive oil
  • one tablespoon of coconut oil

Mix all ingredients well. Now apply the mixture gently on your hair. Make sure to apply it on the scalp as well.  Wait about a half hour and rinse off the egg hair mask. You have many benefits of using egg hair mask: eggs will help to fight against the dry scalp, it works as a great conditioner, it repairs damaged hair, and lastly and most importantly yes, egg mask will help to grow hair faster.

02.Aloe Vera Hair Mask

grow hair faster
Image Courtesy: Google

what you will need

  • aloe vera
  • coconut oil

Take fresh aloe vera leaves and wash it well. Cut the leaves into small cubes. After that, take half of the ball of coconut oil and add aloe vera cube to it. Warm the oil by placing it in a hot water about 5-10 minutes. Remember, don’t heat the oil, just place the container in a hot water. stair the oil using a spoon. Aloe vera helps to repair dead skin of the scalps. It helps to new hair growth by increasing blood circulation. This also helps to leaves your hair smooth and shiny. Now let it cool about 10 minutes. Strain the oil well. Okay, you are done.

Now apply this oil on your scalp and gently massage it. Keep the oil in your hair about 40 minutes.  Then wash it with shampoo.  Also, you can leave this oil in the overnight and wash it in the morning.

03. Ginger Hair Mask

grow hair faster

what you will need:

  • ginger
  • coconut oil

Take 2-3 inch long ginger, peel and cut it into small cubes. Blend or great the ginger cubes. Now add two tablespoons of coconut oil into a bowl. Now squeeze out the ginger pulps into coconut oil. Mix the two ingredients well.  Now apply this oil to hair roots.

04. Oil Massage

grow hair faster

What you will need:

  •  castor oil
  •  coconut oil
  • olive oil

Take two tablespoons of all of these oils and mix them well.  Now apply it to your hair roots and massage it directly into the scalp. Leave your oil treatment overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Castor oil will help you to grow hair faster. It is the solution for bald spots and thinning hair.  Olive oil will help to reduce dryness and damaged hair.  Coconut oil will help to grow hair faster and thicker.