How to cut jeans into shorts, DIY shorts without sewing

diy shorts
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We all have jeans that sitting uselessly in our closets. Have you ever try to transform your old jeans into DIY shorts? If so, why stop there? You can decorate them, and whatever you like and using anything that suits the shorts.  The best thing about making your own shorts is no one else in the world is going to have unique shorts as you have. And don’t forget unique styles never gets old. So, grab your old jeans and scissors ready, let’s make unique shorts.

Start to turn DIY shorts by cutting a basic pair of jeans

What you will need

  • Pair of old jeans
  • scissor
  • measuring tape
jeans into shorts
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  • The 1st step is, choose jeans to cut.
  • After choosing a pair of jeans you have to measure the length that you need.
jeans into shorts
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  • Before making the 1st cut, take time to measure your desired length on both legs. When cutting, you can always take a few more inches off, because you can’t go back once you cut off too much. The best way to do this would be with a measuring tape and a pencil or chalk. But you can also use another short that you are using.  Using the tape measure, measure down starting at the waistband to your desired length. Use chalk or a safety pin to mark where on the jeans you plan to cut them off.
jeans into shorts
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  • When you are marking short length, mark the length as “V” shape.  This will give a flattering look to your short than simply cutting the jeans straight across.
v shape cut
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  • Next, fold the denim and carefully cut the line along the path you marked. The key point is making sure you cut your shorts at an angle. Don’t panic when you are cutting, with the correct measurement there’s nothing to worry about. After cutting you can try it on.
  • And you are done with the DIY shorts project.
v shape cut
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Now, you have the short but you can design whatever you want it to be.  There are various types of shorts. You can always feel free to add cuts and rips or can fold legs upward.

Update your short into ripped denim short

It’s still ripped jeans season. Ripped give an attractive and hot look for shorts.

ripped shorts
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Lace trim shorts

Lace looks fantastic in shorts. There are different ways to decorate your short with lace. Try real casual look with your ripped shorts.

front and black lace shorts
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lace shorts
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Bleach your shorts

Bleaching your shorts is the best way to customize style. With just a few materials you can make completely different and new look for your old shorts. For this DIY project, all you need is a short, bleach and scissors.

bleached short
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 Cuff shorts

Just like cuff jeans, cuff shorts are the biggest trend in this year. Also, cuffs will give a more finish look for your shorts.  Simple cuffed shorts are never old-fashioned. Also, they are so comfy and cool.

cuff shorts diy
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cuff shorts
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Scallop shorts

If you are more of classic kinda person then scallop shorts are your choice.  Every girl owns a pair of comfortable shorts that can wear anytime and anywhere. So, turn your comfortable short into scallop short and give it a more classic and fresh look.

scalloped shorts
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Embroidered shorts

Embroiders are everywhere. Embroider jackets, embroidered jeans, embroider tops and many more. Embroiderers are the trend now. So add some embroiders and make your short look like a newly bought pair.  Embroider shorts are a super easy DIY project you can try at home.

Image Source: Allfashiondesign

Painted shorts

If summer is bright why not your shorts? Play with all colors and customize your jeans into DIY shorts project as much as you need. Wear your painted shorts with plain black or white color t-shirt.

Watermelon shorts

Sweet and juicy! Just like a  fruit of summer

watermelon shorts
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Rainbow DIY shorts

Customize your shorts as sunny as your summer days.

painted shorts
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 Flower painted shorts

floral painted short
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Fringe Shorts

If you are looking for an easy way to update an old pair of shorts, fraying shorts is one of the simplest ways. For this you don’t need to be artistic it’s all about cutting and slashing. You can buy fringe from fabric shops and it will cost less than one dollar. Or using a safety pin you can make fringe.  If you want more fringe, wash your short again and again. The secret behind a best fringe short is the more you wash the better they will look.

fringe shorts
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 fringe shorts
Image Source: Allfashiondesign

Patch pocket shorts

And it’s all about pockets. Turn your jeans into DIY shorts and then attach fabric or embroidery flowers to back pockets of the shorts.

printed pocket shorts
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Hope this article inspire you to recycles old jeans.  Turning jeans into short is really easy and less time-consuming.  Make fabulous, unique short that no one else owns.

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