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Acid wash jeans
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There will be an ending of everything, but does this same to fashion? Fashion doesn’t have a real ending because somewhere, sometime old fashion will start as a new trend. So the Acid wash jeans.

We’ve been using disco sequins, bold shoulders and more styles from the 80s, and now popular Acid wash jeans are here. Acid wash is not limited to jeans but now we’ve been seeing this trend is using to style denim jackets, skirts and frocks as well. Just as other 80s fashion trends this acid thing will be easily incorporated with your current fashions.

Using chlorine bleach Acid washing is a process of bleaching. Since Acid wash jeans have become quite a popular fashion trend, now it has been more expensive than ever. But did you know that these acid washes can recreate in your home as a DIY project? To that, all you need is just an old pair of jeans, bleach mixture and well-ventilated area.

DIY Acid Wash Jeans

This process is super easy, all you have to do is follow my steps. Just a bit careful with bleaching and if you don’t mess up you will own an incredible pair of Acid wash denim. And you can do this same process any denim material, not for just trousers.


What Do You need?

  • Old pair of jeans – Remember the acid will remove a lot of colors from your jean, so don’t use your favorite pair of jeans.
  •  Bleach
  • a spray bottle
  • rubber bands


  1. Wet your denim jeans. Not soaking just wet them feel enough to notice its heavier.
  2. Using rubber bands tie each denim jean legs. There is no exact method to do that. Just think what parts you need to color and tie those parts.  Work with one leg, finish its work and then start the second one. If you are acid wash denim jacket then you can use this process to its hands.
  3. Take the spray bottle and fill it with one part bleach and two parts water. Don’t mix with half and half, because bleaching can damage your jeans.
  4. Spray the bleach. I sprayed all the parts I bustled and top of the jean waist as well. But here is the process you can be really creative. You can do whatever you like.
  5. Set alarm. I let mine sit for about an hour but this also your choice. The more time you wait the more light color you get.
  6. Turn over your jean and do the same process to their part as well. And if you like you can stop from the front side and leave backside just the way it is. These all your choices.
  7. After finishing all these steps you can wash your jeans just the normal way.
  8. Don’t forget to wash your hands after the bleaching process. Use soap and warm water and bleach shouldn’t stay your hands for too long.
The process of DIY Acid wash jeans is pretty enjoyable, right? It also a creative process because there is no exact method you can do it any way you want. But follow the above steps and create a wonderful Acid wash jeans for your wardrobe. Happy DIYing ladies.







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