simple way to make crop top bralette from an old t-shirt

crop top bralette
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This DIY project, I thought to give you an idea of turning an old t-shirt into crop top bralette.  Bralettes are famous today and it provides a reasonable amount of support for small to average busted women. with the back strappy, bralettes are kinda hot too. But the problem is we have to spend lots of money when it is such a little fabric.  so instead of spending much money on stores, why don’t you try to make one at home?

what you’ll nee

  • t-shirt
  • elastic
  • scissor
  • pins
  • needles and treads
  • measuring tape
  • an old bra

items for crop top bralette

step one- measure your bra size for crop top bralette

Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface. now measure the length you want your bra to be. normally 10 to 12 inches is perfect. now cut off the length from the bottom side of the t-shirt. this is the front side of your brallete. As you can see,  we don’t ruin our t-shirt, You can still use your cut off t-shirt as a crop top or whatever you like. Now measure your chest and all around the body. Add two extra inches and cut off your bra. Now you have two pieces.

t shirt into bra

step two- Attaching elastic

you will need six pieces (or you can add more) of elastic to cover the back side of your crop top bralette. make sure the elastic are longer than the front piece of the bra. now measure your front piece of the bra and mark five places to attach the elastic. Now go ahead and pin the elastic on the places you just marked. when you are complete with one side attach the other side.Then put back piece on the elastics. sew both edges.  Make sure elastics are tight enough and comfortable. Turn the bra inside outside and sew both edges. woo woo, trust me! this is gonna work.

diy crop top bralette

once all of your elastics are attached you can keep this way or you can add another two straps which are only for decorations and completely optional.

step three- attach the bra to crop top bralette

Take your old bra. Remove all straps and cut off the back side.

crop top bralette cut

Now put this bra into the bralette. Pin it. wear it. If it is perfectly fit to your breast sew it around the bra.

diy bralette

Okay ladies, now we are officially done with making DIY bralette.  Here is the final outcome looks like,

diy bralette final outcome

Wear your DIY bralette with high waist skirt or trouser. Also, you can wear it with a  loose tank top, halter top or a sheer shirt. It’s the pretty way to show off some skin without leaving a “regular” bra fully visible. Also, you can turn your crop top bralette into a unique bathing suit which no one owns.  I hope this article really helped you. Try DIYing ladies. It is easy, fun and also money saving.  For this DIY project I only spend about  1 dollar but it worth more than 10 dollars.


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