Turn t-shirt into shorts in a quick way

t-shirt into shorts

Here’s another quick DIY project that you can finish within 15 minutes. Turning t-shirt into shorts is one of easiest DIY project you can try at your home.  I know there are lots of DIY projects that teach how to turn a t-shirt into shorts. But here, I am trying to make this easy and quick way. This will help you to reuse something you would otherwise throw away.

What you’ll need?

  • T-shirt
  • Scissor
  • Sewing machine or needle and treads
  • Elastic
  • Safety pin

choose a t-shirt to turn a t-shirt into shorts

For this DIY project, use an old t-shirt of yours or your boyfriend’s, dads or maybe your brother’s. okay then! Let’s turn a t-shirt into shorts.

First, lay your t-shirt on a flat surface. It’s always better to use a plain color t-shirt or in case if there is a logo turn shirt inside out. Trust me, it’s going to work!

Now using the edge of the shirt as head of the shorts cut it using an old shirt you are using.

 t-shirt into shorts

  Step two- create the pattern

Grab your best fitting pair of shorts, lay it over your shirt fold it over and trace it out. Make sure you are leaving about half and inches for seam allowance.  Now cut on the lines you just drew. In here if you are a beginner 1st you can trace the shorts pattern on a paper. Then you can use the pattern to make short.

 t-shirt into shorts

 Step three- sewing part

When you are done with cutting, face the two pieces right sides together and sew down the sides. For this, you can use sig sag stitch. It will give nice clean and more of a professional look. If you are using needles and treads make sure to sew it twice on the same line. If not you can’t use this for a long time.


Turn t-shirt into shorts

 Step four- constructing the shorts

Now lay your fabric wrong side together and pin the edges. Now stitch that. After you done with sewing your piece should be like this. As you can see we are half done with our t-shirt into shorts. You are closed ladies, You have just a few steps to finish your t-shirt shorts.

t-shirt short step five

Take the safety pin and pin your elastic. Gather it all across the waist. Now, stitch the open area of the waistband.

t-shirt short step six

You are done!

Yeey! You are officially done with t-shirt into a shorts project. And your short should look like this.

 t-shirt into shorts

As you can see making t-shirt into shorts is quite an easy DIY project and also a fun project. Who thought just an old t-shirt can build something completely different. So all I am saying is think twice before you throw your old garments because sometimes those outfits can make something you can’t even buy from amounts of money. I really hope this article helped you.

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