How to make black ripped jeans and outfit ideas

black ripped jeans
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Trends come and go. Fashion often change. People especially girls love to try new trends and fashion. One of the most seen styles of the autumn season is black ripped jeans.  People are obsessed with this style. Truth is they really look amazing. When in dought go where ripped black jeans.

You can buy black ripped jeans from anywhere. But the problem is those are too expensive and for me, I often feel like why would I spend so much money on something that already damaged. Also sometimes those jeans on market are not what we are looking for. Some jeans are too much and we don’t even want to wear them. So, why don’t you try to make ripped jeans by yourself? Making ripped black jeans at home is so much easy and you won’t cost a cent for this.

There are several ways to make ripped jeans,  and all of them involve tools you may already use at home. All you need is a  pair of jeans to work on and you can make your own DIY distressed jeans within few minutes.

what you’ll need?

  • a pair of black skinny jeans
  • Scissor
  • chalk

Put your jeans on and mark where you want to be ripped in your jeans. Now mark top and bottom of the knee. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be exact.

ripped jeans step 1
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Next, lay your jeans on a flat surface and grab your fabrics and scissors. Now fold your jeans half (only front side) and get ready to start cutting.  Make a simple cut where you marked on jeans. Now cut the line. Next, cut the other line as well.  This is pretty simple. Make sure each of your ripped holes is not alike. Make different sizes holes and rips.

ripped jeans step 2
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Don’t worry about the mistakes because those mistakes make even your jeans look more unique.

After done with cutting get ready to pull out treads which is take little bit more time.  You can use a tweezer for this process.

ripped jeans
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What to wear with black ripped jeans?

Make it simple as much as you wanted but also make it significant. Black is clean, smart and simple to style. When looking at what to wear with black ripped jeans, there are so many outfits you can try. Black and grey are winter colors. S0 wear your ripped black jeans with a grey color crop top and of course, a black leather jacket.

ripped black jeans outfit ideas
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Want to make it look elegant? What about all black outfit? All black outfit is always trendy and there’s nothing better than an all-black outfit.

ripped black jeans outfit
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This also looks great with boyfriend coats.

ripped black jeans outfit 2
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Ripped jeans represent more than just jeans with holes. They look much better for casual outfits. For maximum effect, I’d suggest pairing with a simple T-shirt and a pair of ripped black jeans. Don’t try hard just a simple t-shirt and black ripped jeans will give a more casual look.

ripped black jeans outfit 3
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If you want something cute and sweet, then I suggest you try on a white long sleeve top with high waist ripped jeans.

cute outfit with ripped jeans
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Believe it or not, ripped jeans can wear as a professional outfit too.  This white color button up blouse ripped black jeans and high heels will give more of a modern professional look.

ripped black outfit 4
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Looking for a hot outfit? Try high waist black ripped jeans with a crop top.

hot outfit with ripped jeans
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While the winter is almost behind us, your everyday outfit can look like this one. Simple and sweet!

everyday outfit
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