90S MAKEUP Trends Still Rock In 2019

90s makeup

Trust me, nothing’s ever going to old or out of style. For example, today we do like to wear  80s and 90s fashion including dress styles, hairstyles, makeup styles and more. The 90s clothing has fully returned recently, and 90s makeup trends are waving at us for the new year look. From burgundy lipstick to blue eyeshadows, frosty lips, Face-framing tendrils to unforgettable glitter are all back the runway to the street. The 2019 makeup would start the new era in the fashion world, but it will not forget to add 90s fashion on its very special pages. This is why we should always know that fashion will never go out of style as long as you are updating about the new trends in the fashion world. So today I am giving you the best instructions about 90s makeup trends which is still useful in 2019. Embrace the 90s fashion to rock in your makeup once again.

Here are the best 90s makeup trends 

I don’t know about you but clearly, the 90s is the best era of fashion. It just not gave us great movies, TV series but with them, it gave us a great sense of fashion. Unconsciously we still wear 90s makeup today. Did you ever know that matte face, dark lip-liner, brown lipstick are from the 90s? Well, that’s what I am talking about.

Here I am not talking about all the 90s fashion trends but if you do like to know about 90s outfit ideas read here.  But I have found the best of the best make up trend you will totally love to bring back in the year 2019 and here are the trends you should try.

The 90s makeup mainly gave more attention to the 3 areas, such as Eyebrows, eyes, and Lips. When eyebrows were super thin, darker and well-plucked eyes got the smokey look with blue eyeshadows and more darker colors. With the darker lip liners, light lipsticks were the best match in the decade.

Brown lipstick

Recently I sew that Brown lipstick has come to the fashion world, especially Kylie Jenner is using it almost every day. But the origin of brown lipstick is from 90s makeup trends. Actually brown lip color does flatter all kind of skin tones and it does look really good on everyone.

Brown lipstick

Burgundy lipstick

If you are looking at the old 90s celebrity looks it won’t hard to find burgundy lipstick from many of them. Without a doubt, burgundy was the lip color of the decade. And the style has back in today. Since the color is more suitable for cold weather I hope you won’t miss it this winter. For your information, gloss finish burgundy lip color is trending today than 90s matte look burgundy lips.

90s fashion
Image courtesy: Pinterest.com

Blue eyeshadow

If there were the most popular 90s makeup trends that would be blue eyeshadow. I am not sure about this trend but since it is for every kind of women I guess some of you still love to wear blue eyeshadow. Well, it was a real shot back then in 90s makeup trends. You also able to use the blue color as an eyeliner, with your lash line or smokey blue eyes.

90s makeup
Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Body glitter

Well, I have a secret, actually, I have been obsessed with body shimmer my entire life. Isn’t that look wonderful? Back in the 90s makeup trends, these shiny glitters were celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, Brandy best friend and they rocked it. And the style has come back today.

90s eye makeup

Super thin eyebrows

 Super thin eyebrows were huge in the 90s. Every celebrity did in those days including Madonna. Trust me this style is coming back to the new year.

90s fashion
Image Courtesy: buzzfeed.com

  Darker Lip Liner

This is called ombré lip when you use a dark lip liner with light lip color which gives a super 90s look to your face. As you may know, 90s makeup is more into darker shades, lipsticks, eyeshadows than light ones. So same apply to lip liners.

So the makeup styles you were using are not that new trend but they all used in the 90s makeup trends. Isn’t it wonderful to walk in the memory lane and pick up old 90s fashion to rock in 2019? What did you pick up from the makeup trends in the 90s? Let me know in the comment section.


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