How to Make No-Sew Knotted Top from Old T-Shirt

No-Sew Knotted Top

How about your favorite baggy top turn into no-sew Knotted top ? Did you know that giving a simple knot to your top will change its entire look? Knots give a cute look for your outfit. knots are quite famous fashion these days. knotted t-shirt, knotted shirts, knotted skirts see… knots everywhere!

we all have unfitting baggy tops but with the comfortableness, we love to wear them so much. so making your baggy top into knotted top would give you a more chance to wear your favorite top every day. And knotted tops are the best solution for your boring and old tops. No-sew knotted top is one of easiest project you can try at your home. Okay, let’s start then.

what you’ll need?

  • t-shirt
  • scissor
  • marking pen or chalk

knotted top item

When you are selecting a t-shirt it’s better to select a baggy t-shirt. 1st lay your shirt on a flat surface and fold it into the half.

fold it into half

Next, draw a triangle and cut it. Now as you can see both sides have ties.  what you are gonna do next is lay t-shirt on a flat surface and fold the front side to upward. Next cut out the triangle the fabric of back side. Make sure front piece is facing upward right now because you don’t accidentally cut front triangle as well.

knotted top 3rd step

cut on the triangle

cut it off

Next, cut through the middle of the triangle and just cut upwards. so you just made two ties for your t-shirt. Now take the edges of the ties and stretch it. after that, all you have to do is take the two ends and tie them together. And that’s it!

knotted top step 5

Wear your no-sew knotted top with high waist jeans or shorts and let a little bit of your skin peep out. Also knotted top and ripped jeans would be a perfect match. Try to make your own ripped jeans at home.  If you like more feminine outfit wear this with a long maxi skirt.  Also, you can even wear this as a bathing suit cover-up.

DIY knotted top

Happy DIYing ladies! Try more DIY projects from  

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