Bring 90s GRUNGE MAKEUP Back To Your Face

90s grunge makeup

From fashion to makeup trends 90s has made a big effect on all the women out there. I don’t whether you agree or not, but the 90s is the best era in the fashion world. It has made a huge difference from fashion to makeup, so let’s bring the most popular 90s grunge makeup trends back.

What Is Grunge Makeup?

What exactly grunge makeup is? Trust me, you all doing it but you just don’t know it is grunge makeup. Are you familiar with strong, dark lips and eyes? Well, that is grunge makeup. At some point, the 90s grunge makeup is hotter than any makeup trends.


With choker, bell bottoms, plaid shirts, necklaces, strong blue lashes, burgundy lip colors the 90s grunge makeup look is happening again. From dark lip colors between brown and mauve, we all are joining the 90s makeup trends even without knowing it.

Do you love to rock in the grunge look? So here are the 90s makeup tricks and tips to make you an original 90s look.


The trick for the 90s grunge makeup look is the less base is more. It’s all about embracing the naturality than adding too much makeup on your skin. Using tinted moisturizer it was called as the hydrated base topped.

Lip Colors

What do you think? Yes, they all are dark. From burgundy to dark chocolate brown dark lipstick colors were rocking in the 90s grunge makeup trends. But you should know that not every dark lip colors go with this trend, it just some colors that perfectly suit this era.

Eye Makeup

There are two  90s makeup looks mainly in that era as smoky or classically minimal. Both of these looks has used the same tools and shades but what difference among them is the way you apply it.

Smoky Eyes 

The trick here is not to care, just draw it on eyes for a smoky look.

Nail Polish

So just as other trends nail polish also used with darker colors especially black.

The grunge look is always connected with darkness, gothic and most importantly with the sexiness. The best thing about 90s grunge makeup look is, it is for every girl. It doesn’t matter you have a dark skin tone, light skin tone, pail or fair skin. Hope you got an idea about grunge makeup. Actually, the grunge trend is edgy, cool, different yet effortless.



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