How To Hem Pants Without Using A Sewing Machine – Scissor Twists


how to hem pants
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Not every pant are fitting right when we buy. Most of the time pants are perfect in every manner but not from the length. We all have faced this problem a least once in our life. But the problem is finding a tailor and making it right. Isn’t that good if we can manage to remake our pants, skipping tailors? Now you are wondering how to hem pants, right? Don’t worry we are here guiding you to hem pants even without using a sewing machine.

Hemming pants is really easy when you have all the necessary suppliers. For that, all you need are a few tools. Follow below guide of how to hem pants without a sewing machine.

Supplies to Hem Pants

  • Scissor
  • Iron
  • Seam ripper
  • Measuring tape

How To Hem Pants


Using a seam ripper remove the original hem. The hem should be completely ripped out from both legs. If you don’t have a seam ripper use pair of nail scissors or pin to do the job. When you stitch out be careful not to cut the fabric.

hem pants without sewing
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Then you should try your pant with the highest heel you are using. Then measure the perfect size you need and fold the fabric from the hem. Place pins around both legs to secure them and stand up, check the length is fit or not in the full-length mirror. Then make the necessary adjustments.

Now remove the pants and turn it inside out. Make sure to keep the pins the way it should be, so you won’t have trouble with finding the correct length.

Iron the folds where pants are cuffed on both legs. Use a hot iron and make sure to the legs are fold straight.

At this point, you can try your jeans and find if it’s perfectly fitting but it’s not necessary.

Using a chalk or marker pen measure necessary hem you need ( 1 1/2 inch would be perfect), cut the extra fabric from the chalk line. Now too careful when you are cutting, not to cut the hem.

hem pants

Final stage – Take a needle and matching the color tread, and sew around both legs. For this, you are able to use a sewing machine or needle. If you are sewing by hands use a blind stitch. Repeat this with the other pant leg.

After finished both pants legs turn right side, and iron on the hemline one more time.

How To Acid Wash Jeans – DIY Projects

Acid wash jeans
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There will be an ending of everything, but does this same to fashion? Fashion doesn’t have a real ending because somewhere, sometime old fashion will start as a new trend. So the Acid wash jeans.

We’ve been using disco sequins, bold shoulders and more styles from the 80s, and now popular Acid wash jeans are here. Acid wash is not limited to jeans but now we’ve been seeing this trend is using to style denim jackets, skirts and frocks as well. Just as other 80s fashion trends this acid thing will be easily incorporated with your current fashions.

Using chlorine bleach Acid washing is a process of bleaching. Since Acid wash jeans have become quite a popular fashion trend, now it has been more expensive than ever. But did you know that these acid washes can recreate in your home as a DIY project? To that, all you need is just an old pair of jeans, bleach mixture and well-ventilated area.

DIY Acid Wash Jeans

This process is super easy, all you have to do is follow my steps. Just a bit careful with bleaching and if you don’t mess up you will own an incredible pair of Acid wash denim. And you can do this same process any denim material, not for just trousers.


What Do You need?

  • Old pair of jeans – Remember the acid will remove a lot of colors from your jean, so don’t use your favorite pair of jeans.
  •  Bleach
  • a spray bottle
  • rubber bands


  1. Wet your denim jeans. Not soaking just wet them feel enough to notice its heavier.
  2. Using rubber bands tie each denim jean legs. There is no exact method to do that. Just think what parts you need to color and tie those parts.  Work with one leg, finish its work and then start the second one. If you are acid wash denim jacket then you can use this process to its hands.
  3. Take the spray bottle and fill it with one part bleach and two parts water. Don’t mix with half and half, because bleaching can damage your jeans.
  4. Spray the bleach. I sprayed all the parts I bustled and top of the jean waist as well. But here is the process you can be really creative. You can do whatever you like.
  5. Set alarm. I let mine sit for about an hour but this also your choice. The more time you wait the more light color you get.
  6. Turn over your jean and do the same process to their part as well. And if you like you can stop from the front side and leave backside just the way it is. These all your choices.
  7. After finishing all these steps you can wash your jeans just the normal way.
  8. Don’t forget to wash your hands after the bleaching process. Use soap and warm water and bleach shouldn’t stay your hands for too long.
The process of DIY Acid wash jeans is pretty enjoyable, right? It also a creative process because there is no exact method you can do it any way you want. But follow the above steps and create a wonderful Acid wash jeans for your wardrobe. Happy DIYing ladies.







Best Denim Trends 2018 You’ll Love to Wear

denim trends 2018
 2018 Denim Trends Image: Google

It’s happening ladies! The world is changing day by day so denim. From baggy jeans to skinny jeans there are thousands of denim trends come your way in 2o18. Denim is part of our life. We all need denim every day. So let’s ready to make new denim trends for this year.   In this article, I’ll show you how to wear that denim in the new year get outfit inspiration and start planning the year with denim.

Baggy denim trends 2018

Good news ladies! your most comfortable baggy jeans are back in style in 2018. They are popping up everywhere. Fast few years we only own just skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are super cute but it just too much sometimes. Especially when you have to wear it every day long it gets more and more uncomfortable. But the best thing about denim trends in 2018 is you don’t have to worry about too much tightness. You can just wear baggy jeans or skinny jeans whenever you need.

baggy jeans 2018
Baggy denim trends Image: Google

Triple-waistband jeans

30 years ago it was just denim but now it’s high waisted, two waisted and today… it’s three waisted. In the future who knows may be more than 3 waistbands. As we all know the great thing about high waisted jeans are they make your leg look longer. Anyway, triple waistband jeans are pretty styleable at the same time it’s pretty weird. You know the basic thing about dressing is it should be comfortable and supportive. But I don’t think triple-waistband jeans can do those two duties. But it’s worth trying.

triple waistband jeans

Classic Cuffed Wide Leg Jeans

In 2018, denim trends didn’t forget about cuffs instead they have added something completely new in the denim world. And we are still in cuff jeans season.  And cuff trends have come a long way to ultra cuffs. We love to cuff our jeans show off our shoes little bit. We normally cuff skinny jeans but how about cuff wide leg jeans too? Something that worth trying right?

wide cuff jeans
Classic Cuffed Wide Leg Jeans Image: Google

If you are more into famine type you’ll be love to hear that long, bohemian-inspired denim skirts are covered in embroidery or sequins are the style in 2018. This defining the color and the shape of spring and summer.

Tulip hem denim trends 2018

Tulip hem jeans were trends in 2017 and it still is trending in 2018. Tulip hem jeans are unique, perfect for summer, and you can show off your shoes.

tulip hem jeans
Tulip hem denim Image: Google

Embroidered denim trends

fashion world’s recent obsession is embroidery. Embroidery frocks, shorts, jackets, skirts as well as jeans and embroidered dresses are everywhere. Since embroider jeans are the trend in 2017 you get another season worth of wear it! Which means embroidered jeans aren’t out of fashion yet. They are still trending.

denim trends 2018
Embroidered denim Image: Google

straight leg jeans

We all know that straight leg jeans are classic, comfortable and so popular today. You can wear anything with skinny fit jeans. So good thing about denim trends 2018 is straight leg jeans are happening and they are still so fashionable.

straight leg jeans

Straight wide leg jeans

straight wide leg jeans
straight wide leg jeans Image: Google

Patch jeans

Patch jeans born from world’s obsession with DIY projects.  They are made with attaching another fabric material to jeans.  Patch jeans are unique, stylish and comfortable to wear and they are the perfect spring and summer jeans.

patch jeans 2018
Patch jeans Image: Google

Side Stripe Jeans

side stripe jeans will help to make leg looks longer. They are perfect for any type of body and they are surprisingly sexy.

side stripe jeans
Side strip jeans Image: Google

 I hope this article will help you find the best denim trends 2018. Anything can happen in the denim world. So, always find the best denim style that suit you most.

How to turn jeans into skirt – DIY

jeans into skirt
                  Jeans into shorts  Image Courtesy: Google

We all have the huge collection of old denim jeans that we don’t use anymore. So instead of keep those jeans in your cupboard why wouldn’t you make something can be used every day.   Turning jeans into skirt is one of easiest and cutest DIY project you can do.

What you’ll need:

Pair of denim jeans


Measuring tape

Safety pins

Sewing machine or sewing glue

Lace (optional)

jeans into skirt

After choosing a pair of jeans you have to measure the length that you need.  Turns jeans inside out and fold in half. Measure the length u wants your skirt to be. Before making the 1st cut, take time to measure your desired length. When cutting, you can always take a few more inches off, because you can’t go back once you cut off too much. The best way to do this would be with a measuring tape and a pencil or chalk. But you can also use another skirt as a guide.  Get rid of extra length on the bottom of your jeans. Just cut it off.

Keep cut off the legs of your jeans because we need those later for fill in the skirt. But, you don’t have to use legs you can use another fabric material as well.

jeans into skirt
                       Image Courtesy: Google

Now cut out the center seams. Get it as close as possible. So that, it won’t too tight when we put it on.

jeans into skirt
                           Image Courtesy: Maxpark

Next, cut the crotch seam out of the front side. You just need to do this on the backside as well.

Now lay the jean and overlap and pin them in place. Pin existing seams on the front side and back side. Take the cut off legs and make a big patch. Pin it.  Make sure there is enough overlap to sew both sides of the seam. Trim off extra parts.

jeans into skirt
             Image Courtesy: Maxpark

Next, following where the previous stitches are, sew both sides of the seam.

jeans into skirt
                   Image Courtesy: Maxpark

Now turn the skirt inside out and trim away the exits treads and fabric. You are finished with jeans into skirt DIY project. ! Feel free to add lace, sequins to your skirt.

Turning jeans into skirt is not an easy DIY project but the outcome is incredibly cute.