How To Hem Pants Without Using A Sewing Machine – Scissor Twists


how to hem pants
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Not every pant are fitting right when we buy. Most of the time pants are perfect in every manner but not from the length. We all have faced this problem a least once in our life. But the problem is finding a tailor and making it right. Isn’t that good if we can manage to remake our pants, skipping tailors? Now you are wondering how to hem pants, right? Don’t worry we are here guiding you to hem pants even without using a sewing machine.

Hemming pants is really easy when you have all the necessary suppliers. For that, all you need are a few tools. Follow below guide of how to hem pants without a sewing machine.

Supplies to Hem Pants

  • Scissor
  • Iron
  • Seam ripper
  • Measuring tape

How To Hem Pants


Using a seam ripper remove the original hem. The hem should be completely ripped out from both legs. If you don’t have a seam ripper use pair of nail scissors or pin to do the job. When you stitch out be careful not to cut the fabric.

hem pants without sewing
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Then you should try your pant with the highest heel you are using. Then measure the perfect size you need and fold the fabric from the hem. Place pins around both legs to secure them and stand up, check the length is fit or not in the full-length mirror. Then make the necessary adjustments.

Now remove the pants and turn it inside out. Make sure to keep the pins the way it should be, so you won’t have trouble with finding the correct length.

Iron the folds where pants are cuffed on both legs. Use a hot iron and make sure to the legs are fold straight.

At this point, you can try your jeans and find if it’s perfectly fitting but it’s not necessary.

Using a chalk or marker pen measure necessary hem you need ( 1 1/2 inch would be perfect), cut the extra fabric from the chalk line. Now too careful when you are cutting, not to cut the hem.

hem pants

Final stage – Take a needle and matching the color tread, and sew around both legs. For this, you are able to use a sewing machine or needle. If you are sewing by hands use a blind stitch. Repeat this with the other pant leg.

After finished both pants legs turn right side, and iron on the hemline one more time.

5 different ways to cuff jeans and show off shoes

cuff jeans
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Are those jeans you are always too long for you? The best solution for this is to make cuff jeans which perfectly match all kind of styles. Why do you need cuff jeans? Because they’re never getting old. They are timeless and always trendy. When you wear beautiful, expensive shoes but your jean just cover them up. Well, in that case, you can make the cuff. Show off little skin and a lot of shoes with cuff.

If you consider what type of jeans best fitting for cuffing, well skinny jeans are the best. Cuff works better with skinny, straight fit or Bootcut jeans.

Wider cuff vs. small cuff

wider cuff vvs small cuff jeans
Small Cuff Jeans vs Wide Cuff jeans Image Source: Google

A wider cuff will give a more casual look than the narrow cuff. They are a little bit formal. If you consider what kind of cuff best fitting for you according to your body type, well if you are a short person you would rather choose small cuff because a wide cuff only makes you look even shorter. But if you are a tall person then you can use the wider cuff.

Single cuff vs. double cuff

single cuff jeans vs double cuff jeans
Double Cuff Jeans vs Single Cuff Jeans  Image Source: Google

single cuff jeans look more casual and also you can see the hem. What you have to do is just fold the jeans once. Here, if you like to give a more different look you can cut off the hem and pull out some treads using a tweezer and then fold it. Wear your  KNOTTED TOP with this single cuffy jeans.

Fold your jeans twice to create double cuff jeans. Now, smooth out the cuff to create a polish look. Here, you can’t see a hem at all. So you don’t want to worry about the hem.

The roll cuff

roll cuff jeans
Roll Cuff Jeans Image Source: Club Monaco


Summer is around the corner and your roll cuff jeans are the perfection of the summer season. Boyfriend jeans and Bootcut jeans would be best for the roll cuff. All you have to do is fold the bottom of your jeans about half-inch and roll it over. Don’t forget the messier look would make a better pair of roll cuff jeans

The under cuff

under cuff jeans
Under Cuff Jeans Image Source: Missprettypink

If you consider more about keeping the fold’s shape then under cuff should be your choice. what you have to do is fold the jeans depending on the size you want your jeans to be. Now iron on it. Then flip the cuff inside out. Again iron on it.

Make half cuff

half cuff jeans
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The half cuff is best suited for boyfriend jeans. 1st make a single about four-inch cuff. Next, pull the fold away from the top to create dimension and texture. Now fold the hem down toward you. Okay, now you have perfect half cuff jeans.


Don’t forget that shoes can completely change the entire look of your outfit and especially with cuffs your shoes are going to highlight more than anything. So, Wear fabulous sandals which are perfectly matching for your cuffy jeans.  In the summertime, there’s nothing sexier than sandals and skinny jeans. Yor skinny cuffy jean and naked sandals would be a perfect match.

cuff jeans and sandals
Suitable Shoes for Cuff Jeans Image Courtesy: Google

Thinking about showing off your newly bought high heels? Then half cuffy jeans and high heels should be your choice.

cuff jeans with high heels
Jeans With High Heels Image Courtesy: Google

Boots with a skinny roll cuffy jeans- hell yeah!

boots with skinny jeans
Boots with skinny Cuff jeans Image source: Google

Going for a picnic? Then select sneakers with your all kind of cuffy jeans.

cuff jeans with shoes
Cuff jeans with shoe Image Source: Google-

Just like shoes, there are many different outfits you can try with cuffed jeans. From skinny top to jackets you can try knotted top off shoulder, cold shoulder, crop top, halter top and much more.  

Final and the last advice is please don’t try to cuff your bell bottom jeans it will look weird.

Ladies give it a try! Hope this article helped you.  Don’t forget cuffing is an optional thing you can try it only if you are like it. Not because everyone tries it. Do what makes you happy.

10 ways to renew old denim jeans- DIY

Renew old denim
                     Renew Old Denim Jeans Image: Google

Denim is the type of dress that the longer you wear it, the better it will look. Denim becomes more and more comfortable with the time.  But sometimes, don’t you feel like they can get a little bit boring with time? When fashion trend gets old we trow our dress away. But think twice before you throw your denim wear away. Because you have no idea how many DIY renew old denim ideas in there.

Have you ever tried to renew old denim jeans into something new? Adding new embroider patches, colors, laces or making rips can give your old, boring jeans into completely different and new look.  Of course, you go out and spend a lot of money on a brand new pair of jeans that include all of those things. But why don’t you try to make your own?

If you are interested in renew old denim jeans, there are thousands of easy DIY projects out there that will teach you how to renew old denim and won’t cost nearly as much as a new pair. so grab an old pair of jeans you rarely wear anymore, and turn them into something new, colorful and make it into a jean that you love to wear every day.

1.Renew old denim jeans into shorts

One of the best ways to renew old denim jeans are turning them into shorts. Summer is around the corner, so turn your boring old denim jeans into shorts. Here is the instruction for DIY shorts.

jeans into shorts
                    Old Denim, Jeans Into Shorts Image Source: Google

2. Give your old jeans to a new look with beads and pearls

Give your old jeans to life with pearls and beads. They are always made fresh and colorful look for your jeans. I am sure everyone will be asking you where you got your pearl jeans!

attatch pearls
                           Pearl attached jeans Image Source: Google

3.Renew old jeans by adding lace

Lace is perfectly matching with blue color denim jeans.  Add some lace ribbon to the bottom of the jeans and change its old look.

.add lace to jeans

4.make ripped jeans

We all love ripped jeans but did you know that you can make ripped jeans? Yeah, it’s possible and it will only take few minutes. So, turn your old pair of jeans into ripped jeans and wear it again. Time is the easiest way to make ripped jeans which means your old jeans are perfect for make ripped jeans. Also, there are many methods that can use to make ripped jeans. Using sandpapers, scissors, tweezers or even from cheese grater you can make ripped jeans. Read the article here, which gives easy instruction about how to make ripped jeans.

how to make ripped jeans
       Image Source: Poshmark


5.Convert old jeans into a skirt

Converting jeans into a skirt is one of the creative DIY projects you can try at your home. Here’s a fun, fast and easy way to turn a pair of jeans into a skirt.

jeans into skirt
                           Jeans into skirt Image Source: Google

6.make  cuff jeans

There is various kind of cuff jeans. Roll cuff, wider cuff, small cuff, half cuff… etc. But all of these are super easy to make and it only takes about 5 minutes to finish. You can give a new look for your old jeans with cuffs.

cuff jeans
                         Image Courtesy: Papernstitchblog

7.Add patterned fabric to your old denim jeans

Adding some colorful fabric to your old cuff jeans would help to renew old denim look. Cut a piece of fabric (about 2 inches) and glue or stitch it into the bottom of the jeans.

cuff jeans
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8.Embroidery jeans

You will never say no to your boring old denim when you remake it with embroidered flowers. You can glue or stitch some embroidered flowers to pair of blank denim.

renew old denim
                          Image Courtesy: Google


Do you have a pair of jeans which you love to wear, but has a dark blue color that you do not like? The solution is to bleach it to lighten its color and give it a new look. The bleached types of denim are still trending and so much easy to make. So, give it a try by bleaching your old denim jeans and make it into completely different and new look.

renew old denim
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10.Renew old denim by adding patchwork

For make patchwork jeans all you required is the basic level of sewing skills.  If you can stitch needle and treads then surely you can make patchwork denim at your home. Also, no matter what type of denim (skinny jeans, baggy, boyfriend jeans) you can always add patches to your denim.

renew old denim
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No matter what the season is, denim is the only dress you can wear anytime and always you can count on to be trendy. Comfortable, stylish and trendy denim jeans are everyone’s true denim dream. Pieces of Denim is money saving and long lasting. But you have to careful when you are washing the denim. A good pair of denim doesn’t really require washing every day.  Also, when you are washing denim, avoid using washing machine rather use your hand washing. In that way, you can wear your favorite denim like forever.