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Not every pant are fitting right when we buy. Most of the time pants are perfect in every manner but not from the length. We all have faced this problem a least once in our life. But the problem is finding a tailor and making it right. Isn’t that good if we can manage to remake our pants, skipping tailors? Now you are wondering how to hem pants, right? Don’t worry we are here guiding you to hem pants even without using a sewing machine.

Hemming pants is really easy when you have all the necessary suppliers. For that, all you need are a few tools. Follow below guide of how to hem pants without a sewing machine.

Supplies to Hem Pants

  • Scissor
  • Iron
  • Seam ripper
  • Measuring tape

How To Hem Pants


Using a seam ripper remove the original hem. The hem should be completely ripped out from both legs. If you don’t have a seam ripper use pair of nail scissors or pin to do the job. When you stitch out be careful not to cut the fabric.

hem pants without sewing
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Then you should try your pant with the highest heel you are using. Then measure the perfect size you need and fold the fabric from the hem. Place pins around both legs to secure them and stand up, check the length is fit or not in the full-length mirror. Then make the necessary adjustments.

Now remove the pants and turn it inside out. Make sure to keep the pins the way it should be, so you won’t have trouble with finding the correct length.

Iron the folds where pants are cuffed on both legs. Use a hot iron and make sure to the legs are fold straight.

At this point, you can try your jeans and find if it’s perfectly fitting but it’s not necessary.

Using a chalk or marker pen measure necessary hem you need ( 1 1/2 inch would be perfect), cut the extra fabric from the chalk line. Now too careful when you are cutting, not to cut the hem.

hem pants

Final stage – Take a needle and matching the color tread, and sew around both legs. For this, you are able to use a sewing machine or needle. If you are sewing by hands use a blind stitch. Repeat this with the other pant leg.

After finished both pants legs turn right side, and iron on the hemline one more time.

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