How to turn jeans into skirt – DIY

jeans into skirt
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We all have the huge collection of old denim jeans that we don’t use anymore. So instead of keep those jeans in your cupboard why wouldn’t you make something can be used every day.   Turning jeans into skirt is one of easiest and cutest DIY project you can do.

What you’ll need:

Pair of denim jeans


Measuring tape

Safety pins

Sewing machine or sewing glue

Lace (optional)

jeans into skirt

After choosing a pair of jeans you have to measure the length that you need.  Turns jeans inside out and fold in half. Measure the length u wants your skirt to be. Before making the 1st cut, take time to measure your desired length. When cutting, you can always take a few more inches off, because you can’t go back once you cut off too much. The best way to do this would be with a measuring tape and a pencil or chalk. But you can also use another skirt as a guide.  Get rid of extra length on the bottom of your jeans. Just cut it off.

Keep cut off the legs of your jeans because we need those later for fill in the skirt. But, you don’t have to use legs you can use another fabric material as well.

jeans into skirt
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Now cut out the center seams. Get it as close as possible. So that, it won’t too tight when we put it on.

jeans into skirt
                           Image Courtesy: Maxpark

Next, cut the crotch seam out of the front side. You just need to do this on the backside as well.

Now lay the jean and overlap and pin them in place. Pin existing seams on the front side and back side. Take the cut off legs and make a big patch. Pin it.  Make sure there is enough overlap to sew both sides of the seam. Trim off extra parts.

jeans into skirt
             Image Courtesy: Maxpark

Next, following where the previous stitches are, sew both sides of the seam.

jeans into skirt
                   Image Courtesy: Maxpark

Now turn the skirt inside out and trim away the exits treads and fabric. You are finished with jeans into skirt DIY project. ! Feel free to add lace, sequins to your skirt.

Turning jeans into skirt is not an easy DIY project but the outcome is incredibly cute.

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