Daily Oily Skin Care Routine To Follow

Oily skin can be pretty hard to care. When using too much moisturizing it causes to acne and breakouts but when too little moisturizing it will leave you adry skin patches. If you own an oily skin you know how hard this caring can be. So that’s why I am sharing my oily skin care routine with you.

oily skin care

Oily skin happens when your skin has an overactive sebaceous gland which provides more than usual oils to your face. It provides extra sebum but getting rid of all the sebum is not a solution for your skin type.

Oily skin is caused by hormones, climate changes, your diet, genetics and maybe stress. And sometimes it happens using wrong skincare products as well. Oilskin results in acne, blackheads, and breakouts and that is a real nightmare.

Simple Oily Skin Care Routine

I know you are wondering how to oily skin care routine starts. Oily skin is worst, right? I know we all are wondering why doesn’t it appear on hair and nails but on the face?

01. When you find out about your oily skin first avoid products that are not made for your skin type. don’t use random products.

02. Do you think oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing? And that’s the first wrong thing you are doing. Your skin does need moisturizing but it should have limits.

03. Choosing the right Face cream is key. Find the best oil-free facewash for your daily use.

04. Drink enough water. When you drink enough water, the oil glands get signals from the brain that you don’t need excess oil and then oil production will slow down.

05. Don’t wash your face too often. When oil occurs it will be natural for us to wash it all over again but unfortunately, that leads to your skin more oilier. So that keep in mind that your oily skin should also wash only twice per day.

06. Avoid pick your face. Picking on acne and blackheads will only cause damage than good. There are bacterias on your fingers than you can imagine. By picking up these bacterias go directly to your face causing more acne. So wash hands properly before the face.

07.  Wash makeup brush after using. Keeping your make up brush clean will help to stop transfer bacteria on your skin.

08. Cleansing is important. Daily cleansing will affect skin’s oil secretion.
09. Use a primer before applying makeup and it will help to keep makeup before melting.
oily skin care tips
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Tips To Oily Skin Care

These tips will help you to survive with oily skin.

  • While washing face twice per day use tissues to remove excess oil from the face.
  • Find a gentle cleanser as your face wash to get rid of all the impurities without reducing necessary oil.
  • To keep your makeup without melting apply primer before makeup.
  • Use oil-free matt foundation for a base.
  • Never ever oversleep with makeup on.

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