7 Daily Tips to Grow Hair faster for men

 Grow Hair faster for men


Does strong, thick hair need only for women? Well, I don’t think so. No matter you are women or men, it always feels amazing to have a head full of hair. Grow hair faster for men is a challenge because usually, it takes a long time for men’s hair growth than women (or as we think). Anyway, keeping that in mind, here we are discussing a list of 7 daily routines to grow hair faster for men.

Hair is one of the attractive parts of your body. Your hair can make a significant effect on your personality, outlook, your age and what people think about you. Hair is the first and last thing we notice when you first meet someone. As mentioned, today hair growth for men is challenging.

Factors Affect To Grow Hair faster for men

Many men experience losing their hair after 30th. So there are many ads promoting chemical products to grow hair faster. But you should know that it doesn’t matter what product you are using there are no possibilities to make hair grow faster than the average range.

But there are hopes to grow hair faster when you change your daily routine in a good way. Biologically genetics plays a big role in determining how faster hair will grow. And these factors are also affecting hair growth,

  • Your Age
  • Hair type
  • Diet
  • Medical conditions
  • Stress level
  • Environment
  • Your Lifestyle

7 Daily Tips to Grow Hair faster for men

Tip 01: Do not wash your hair every day

First wrong daily routine many men do is washing their hair every single day. This sounds may weird, but trust me everyday hairwashing is the first damage you are doing to your hair.
Sometimes it’s hard not to wash hair every day but you should understand that it is a natural urge. While you are bathing every day, your hair will lose its natural oil which cost to hair fall and slow growth.
So if you really need to wash your hair every day avoid using shampoo instead use it on alternative days.

Tip 02: Use Less shampoo, but more conditioner

Using the only shampoo to wash hair will make drier and brittle hair. Conditioner is the magic trick which keeps your hair soft and shiny.  Conditions help to minimize the risk of getting split ends, tangles and breakage. It replaces natural oils that washed away using shampoo and keep hair moisture a hair full look.

Tip 03: Get a Healthy Diet

Our hair is our overall health reflection. So your eating habits will directly affect grow hair faster or slower. So eating the right thing is key to grow hair faster for men and women.

Water, Protein, vitamin C and Biotin should include in your regular diet. You should remember that doesn’t matter how much you spend on to grow hair, nutrition is important. If you are vegetarian try protein-rich foods like broccoli.

Tip 04: Avoid very hot or cold showers

We know that hot water is damaged our hair, but cold water too? Well, yes! The best option for this is by using lukewarm water to wash hair.

Tip 05: Sleep Well

Not only diet but also your sleeping habits will have a huge effect on growing hair. At least 6-hour sleep is important for hair. The more sleep you get, the more active scalp cells and more hair growth. Sleep also increases blood circulation around your head.

Tip 06: Understand when to Comb

Combing is a little exercise for your hair when it stimulates scalp it helps to hair growth. But combing too much is not good for hair, so 2-3 times a day is ideal. Do not comb wet hair, it will cost to hair fall.

Tip 07: Manage your stress Level

Don’t you think your moods affect to hair? Well, it does. As your brain decides everything it does include hair as well. Goof mood will fix good hair. So that it’s important to maintain your stress level. A relaxed mind can do anything you can’t even imagine. Worry less, because not only just hair but your body functions also depend on your mood.

Wrapping Up

These are the 7 tips to grow hair faster for men. From healthy diet, to manage stress level there is certain stuff you should do when you need stronger, thick and healthy hair. On average men’s hair grows half an inch per month. There is nothing you can do to grow faster than that but you can avoid the things that make hair grow slower. Be patient and focus on your life goals, while your hair will get the desired length.



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