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diy tube top

Fashion comes back and here we are in the era of 90s trends on our wardrobe again. Recently 90s trends have been every wear, so I thought today I should make a tube top, which was very famous today and 90s.   Since tube tops have been very popular, so the price is high. So why spend more money on a simple piece of fabric when you have many options to remake it without costing anything. Here is the best guide DIY tube top from an old t-shirt.

It doesn’t matter you need to create a DIY tube top from an old tee or modify your old tank top, either way, you can follow this guide. And the important part here is since t-shirt fabric doesn’t fray you don’t need to hem them. So neo sewing tube top is all you need right now.

Guide To Make DIY Tube Top

What You Will Need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or elastic
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric glue or needle and tread


Step 01:

First measure your bust size and waist size using a measuring tape.

Step 02:

Turn tee inside out

Step 03:

Hold the tshirt on a flat space or cutting mat.

Step 04:

Now fold the t-shirt and draw a line from two-inch below the neckline.


Step 05:

Now cut off above part, you lined. Make sure to cut straight and line through.

Step 06:

Now using the bust size and measuring size you got draw fine line according to your measurements. If this is hard for you option is used t-shirt that perfectly fit you from the bust and waist area. Put the t-shirt on the DIY tube top and cut accordingly.

Step 07:

After finished cutting, fold the top of the tube tob about an inch and pin it all way trough. Now using a needle and thread or sewing machine sews the hemline and put elastic into it. Remember this part is totally optional and if you are not into sewing stuff you can use fabric glue or just keep the way without sewing or using fabric glue.

Step 08:

  • Now turn the top right side out and check it’s not rolling from your bust area. If it does glue about 1/2 inch from the waist area. Now your DIY tube top is all ready to wear!

This is made from an old t-shirt, so you don’t need to spend many on expensive crop top. After all, creating these type of DIY projects are really good to your mind because it gives a good feeling that you can do this. And you can show off to your friends as well.



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