How To Cut t Shirt Neckline – DIY

diy t shirt cutting ideas

You know, we have plenty of tees that look plain and boring. So just throwing away them is not the solution. Do not throw them because there are thousands of solutions to refashion them by cutting, painting and resizing into cute one. Here we are guiding you to cut t shirt neckline and make cute tee.

These techniques do not require you to sewing, all you have to do is cutting and trimming. And after all, these are simple techniques to follow. It takes only few minutes to finish.

If you are not into sewing stuff do not use jersey or knits because cut t shirt neckline of wool fabrics will require sewing afterword. This method is simple and cheapest.

What You Will Need?

  • An old t-shirt
  • Scissor
  • Chalk
  • cutting mat ( you can do this on the floor without a cutting mat)
  • A round bowl to cut t shirt neckline


Guide To Cut t Shirt Neckline

Here we are guiding you to cut t shirt neckline into a round shape or V shape. You can choose either one which you are comfortable with. You can even make chocker V neck for more unique t shirt neckline.

Round Shape Tee

Step 01 :

For round shape tee, flatten tee on a floor or on a cutting mat. Make sure not have any seems to lay.

Step 02:

Take the round bowl put it one or two-inch below the existing neckline. Make sure to keep it an equal amount of each edges to shoulders.

Step 03:

Get Chalk and draw the line around the bowl.

cut t shirt neckline
source: Google

Step 04:

Take a scissor or rotary cutter. (rotary cutter would be perfect for this. ) Cut on the drawn line and recheck the cut t shirt neckline, clean up any spots that haven’t cut properly.

Now you are finished with round neck tee. You can customize this tee into a crop top or any other design you like.

V Neck Tee

diy crew neck to v neck

Step 01:

Take a ruler and line a V shape on the front neck of the t-shirt. You can make the neckline low or high, as you want.


Step 02:

You cannot just cut it now because if you cut it that way both front and back will be cut. So fold the tshirt, hold it by the collar on one hand and V shape on the other hand, then lay down the tee on a cutting mat or flat surface. Do not stretch out the collar.

Step 03:

Now cut on the straight line you drew. After cutting, gently pull up the edges. Since you don’t sew the hemline, pull and roll the V neck edge.

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