Step by Step Simple Tie Dye Shirts Instructions

diy tie dye shirts

There is anything you can tie dye if you want to do it. All you need is doing it just right. Learning tie-dye can be really hard and messy if you did not get it correctly from the first page. That’s why we are giving you the step by step simple guide to tie dye shirts instructions. Follow our guide to get the best tie-dye experience.

What is Tie Dye?

Shibori and Ikat are popular traditional tie-dye and there are so many variations as well. Simply, tie-dye is the method which creates patterns from colors by tying, folding, crumpling, stitching, etc. Each of these types is unique.

There are no exact result, you cannot predict what pattern it will get. Suprise patterns are the first thing you should know with this art. This is an easy and fun craft for children, as well as adults too.

Tie Dye Shirts Instructions

Tie die shirts are the most popular tie-dye projects. A plain t-shirt would be perfect for this. Especially white t-shirt.

Tie Die Shirts Designs

There are millions of designs for tie-die. The way you do it will determine your design. Professional designers can decide what design they are making before the process, but you cannot do it. So focus on the way you do it and do it correctly.

Ingredients for Tie dye shirts 

tie dye ingredients
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Gather all of these suppliers

  • Individual dye
  • gloves
  • rubber bands
  • t-shirt to dye
  • plastic zip-lock bag

Consider these before pick tie die shirts colors

  • Usually, you can add as many as colors you need but before the process determines how many colors you are going to use.
  • The more colors you use the heavier it looks. So if you are using about 3 colors your shirt will look simple, it will look great on you. And even one dye color s enough.
  • Choose colors that go with each other like yellow and red or blue and green.

Use outside workspace or your garage to make this project. Because tie dye shirts are really messy and definitely you will end up with a lot of colors on your area.

And careful with the clothes you are wearing when doing this project. Wear old clothes or apron before doing it.

diy tie dye

Pick a Technique

The tieing the shirt part is important too. You can choose either free-style techniques or traditional techniques.

Put The Gloves

Unless you need a mess put the gloves before tie die shirts instructions process. The dye can be very harmful to your skin, nails, and fingers so putting gloves are the best option.

Apply the Dye

tie dye techniques

After folding technique, put your gloves on and start applying the dye. It is best to start with a smaller amount of dye the first time. Anyway since there is no proper method and anything can get creative don’t afraid to apply dye on the shirt.

Put the tie dye shirts on a plastic bag and leave it overnight. The longer the dye stays the better results you will get. Leaving about 24 hours your shirts on dye will give you the best results.

Finally, remove the shirt from the plastic bag and wash it thoroughly until the excess dye goes off. And wash it again. And allow it to dry.


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