DIY Needle Felting Tutorials for Beginners

diy needle felting

In the world of crafting,  DIY needle felting is one of amazing activity to do. It looks really simple but it more complex than it looks. But it’s results are…… well I don’t have words.

This project requires a special needle to do its job. The most popular subject for crafting in this is animals because they are fuzzy in real life as well.

We are always in the first raw when comes to new crafting techniques. So this needle crafting is another DIY project that we cannot resist. That’s why we’ve tried this method before share with you and the results were pretty amazing. So without further go let’s begin how to DIY needle felting.

What Is DIY Needle Felting?

Before needle felting, you should familiar with the felting process. What felting does is fibers of wool move back and forth, until the wool tight a bond.

This DIY project use very special needle. It has tiny barbs ends which pointed in one direction. It creates a bond by needle stabbed into wool, and fibers just pull but not out.

Needle felting
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Stabbing Wool – This is the basic process. When pushing the needle into wool and pulling it, the stabbing process happens.

needle felting tutorial

DIY Needle Felting Tutorial

What You Need:

  • Roving or fiber according to your color choices
  • Felting needle
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tweezer
  • Wirecutter
  • Ruler

Using an easy technique you can finish felting. All you have to do is pushing the felting needle up and down through the fiber and making a sculpture you need.

To create the sculpt, push the needle up and down straightly. The fibers on the wool will begin to pack closer if notice. For this, you need more than just one-time practice. This technique is very simple when you get used to it.

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