Pretty Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

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It doesn’t matter whether you are makeup newbie or not when it comes to the eyes, eye makeup can be a little hard. So you should know tips and trick to make more clear and glamour look to your eyes without making mistakes. That’s why we’ve listed simple eye makeup tips and trick for all makeup newbies. And these tips will also with experienced makeup users as well.

Making your eyes are a bit hard so keep these simple tips on your mind, and you will be eye makeup pro sooner.

Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks

Eye Makeup Tips For Eyeliner

01. The flame makes eyeliner pencil into thick gel formula – Using a match or lighter you can make your eyeliner pencil more gellish look. Hold your eye pencil under the flame for about a second, let it chill for 15 seconds, and vola you are good to go.

eyemakeup tips
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02. Eyeliner is the most basic step of eye makeup. It will shows the shape of your eyes, fill the look and emphasize them.

03. Clean eyelids before applying primer, so the makeup won’t smudge, it will stay longer.
04. Tight lining – Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line, so it will give a more natural look to your eyes and that’s called tight lining.
05. If you need winged eyeliner, use liquid products. If you do not practice enough to use liquid liner, first use pencil and then use liquid liner.
06. If you are in a rush never use liquid liner because it takes some time to chill.

Mascara Tips

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07. Mascara is key to giving you bright and youthful eyes. It’s a game-changer by completely transforming your eyes. Here are some important eye makeup tips when applying mascara.

08. To volumize eyelashes, apply mascara from the roots. This way, eyelashes do not get down.

09. After the first mascara coat, wait for 10 seconds to apply the second coat. So your lashes won’t look clumpy.

10. To avoid a horrible lash look, wipe off excess mascara using a tissue.

11. Use a high-quality eyelash curler to curl your lashes.

12. Maskara should be the last step of your eye makeup route.


13. Eyebrows are another structure that makes your look.

14. Use eyebrow color that matches your hair color.

15. Keep the natural look of the eyebrows as possible. Too thin or too large eyebrows will give an unnatural look to your face.

16. Use highlighter beneath the brow, to show off the shape and add height.

17. If you have messy eyebrows use an eyebrow gel to control them.

Those were important but really simple eye makeup tips for every makeup newbie. These tips and tricks will save your day. Keep these tricks on your head so your makeup will be glamourous next time.

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