Delicious & Healthy Beverages To Radiant Skin

radiant skin

The best beverage for radiant skin is water. There is nothing like drinking enough water to your skin. No matter how much you send on the expensive salon treatments, beauty products if your skin has not got enough hydrates it will badly happen to your skin.

For some people (including me) drinking a lot of water is really hard or it is boring. So for me, I usually prepare various beverages using natural ingredients that really good for overall health. So I thought I might share my secret yummy & healthy beverage recipes with you guys to get radiant skin like never before.

Beverages For Radiant Skin

Mint and ginger tea

Mint has cooling power and it provides freshness while ginger has amazing healing power. When these two ingredients combined it will give you radiant skin like never before.

Ingredients: two glass of boiled water, 4 green tea bags, chopped fresh mint leaves, chopped fresh ginger.

Mix all the ingredients, allow to the concoction to steam about half an hour, add lemon juice. You can make this drink hot or cool way if you want it to be cool refrigerate until chill.

Orange Ginger Shake

Did you know that vitamin C has a superpower for making radiant skin? Well, it does. Vitamin C is an important vitamin to treat your health of the hair and skin.  If you are including enough vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C to your meal, there is no problem. If not try to make these C rich drinks to make a super radiant skin.

Orange mainly has vitamin c, so this orange ginger shake is great for your skin glowing.

Ingredients: 2 ORANGES, 1 CARROT, half spoon of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of ginger crust, 1/2 tablespoon of lemon

Preparation: Make juice from orange and carrot separately. Pour juice to the blender, add turmeric and ginger. Blend the mixture and then add lemon juice. Finally strain and drink.

Fruity coconut water

Looking for a natural beverage without mixing anything up? Then you can have instead of water? Then the other option you have is coconut water. Coconut water will give you a great refreshment with a soothing and relaxing feeling. Also, it makes your skin radiant and acts as a cure to sunburn.

For this fruity coconut water, you can add any fruit you like. I usually add pineapple, bananas, and mango. Cut all the fruits, blend all of’em and strain to a cup. You can also add honey, lime juice and ice to it.

Berry smoothie

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Seasonal berry smoothy is not just delicious it’s also beneficial for making a radiant skin.

Find all the berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Add all the fruits to a blender, and add one tablespoon of fresh milk and one tablespoon of honey. Blend all the ingredients until smooth, then refrigerate the mixture and after chilling it, you can drink.










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