How To Cut Jeans Into Shorts Like a Pro – 4 Methods

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Hello there you lovely weather! I know you won’t be that last. That’s why I need some new shorts to rock my summer days. Finding a perfect fitting new short is way harder than anything. You know what I mean right? So why spending more money and time on just a short while you have the perfect chance to cut jeans into shorts in a few minutes? Which is why today we are sharing the best ways to style your long jeans into shorts and 4 different denim cut off patterns. So dive in the whole article to make the best shorts like a pro.

You know what you should remind your self that it’s not necessary to go out and buy all the new shorts until we are able to cut jeans into shorts. Shorts may be a simple dress but from the beach to the grand party you can style jeans in many different ways. All you need is just old jean and your brain.

It’s the second tutorial of this DIY denim cut-offs. If you are interested to know the basic steps find the guideline from the first article here. 


  • Choosing the perfect jeans that suitable for DIY denim cut-offs is important. Your all the perfect fit short dream depends on that. You should know that sometimes even your favorite stretchy denim, you always wearing may not turn to great shorts. Here are some tips to choose the best denim,
  • Don’t choose stretchy ones. When cut jeans into shorts with stretchy pants will make much more longevity.
  • Always try to find a bit big size one for the cut. This is a secret but important tip you should follow. When you get big size denim it will end up with great shorts.
  • Maybe your boyfriend or brother’s denim would be your future short you will be the dream of having. You know what I mean right? There are dozens of jeans that your husband or boyfriend don’t use anymore. Grab one of those for your pattern or you could always go to the men’s department to find the best denim.
  • Boxy cut jeans would make a perfect pair. These boxy cuts are the best option which doesn’t hug your legs.


These four methods are the simplest way to denim cut-offs, which not require the limited time and with just cutting. Tip: Make sure to cut the denim a bit longer than you desire because it will help you to make some styles.

First Method – How to  Cut jeans into shorts with Fringe


  • A large size Denim jean
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape or old shorts that fit you


  1. Put your denim on the flat surface and measure the shorts length. Use a tape or your old short to measure the length. Mark a fine line on the jean,  so it will be easy to find when cutting.
  2. Mark extra few inches (about 2) and mark it as well. Here mark the length as “V” shape which gives flattering look to the short than just simple cut.
  3. Now cut off on the mark. Don’t panic when you are cutting because nothing goes wrong if you follow the correct steps.
  4. Once finished cut jeans into shorts wash your denim, and it will help to fray the leg nicely.

Second Method –  Ripped Short


  • Denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers /sandpaper/ razor (your choice)


  1. Follow the above steps first and finished the first step – cut jeans into shorts.
  2. As mentioned keep extra inches for the best finish and the look.
  3. Here you are going to make ripped shorts, so there are many tools that can use. These tools are like your daily using once like razor, tweezers or sandpapers.
  4. To make the fine ripped shorts look in the methods of how to make ripped jeans here. 
  5. Once you ripped your DIY denim cutoffs wash it. Here I recommend you to hand washing because hand washing is smooth which help denim shorts to fray nicely.

Third Method –  Roll- Up Shorts


  • Denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or Needle and blue thread
  • Iron


  1. Follow the above instructions and cut jeans into shorts. Make sure to keep extra inches before the cut.
  2. Go ahead and try it on.
  3. Next, row the denim edges once or twice until no raw hems shows.
  4. After you can use machine or needle threads to sew the seams which help to kept rolls as exact way.
  5. Iron the flats, wash and iron again.

Fourth Method – Girlfriend Style Shorts 

As you know the girlfriend style shorts shows a little bit more skin, which is a perfect fit for the summer.


  • Old denim jean
  • Scissor


  1. Put your jeans on a flat surface and follow the above simple guide to cut jeans into shorts.
  2. Here keep just one extra inch and cut extra fabric off.Choose the length and mark the rounded shape on the edges of both legs.
  3. Cut on it and make sure you have perfect rounded shape.
  4. If this short came to the size you need to wash it and fray the edges.

We all own jeans that we don’t even want to look at. Why just keep them in your wardrobe. Making perfect DIY denim cutoffs short may be simple it looks but it surely needs a good practice. Good luck ladies you have made the perfect shorts just from your old jeans.  But if you just have done it once and your shorts didn’t end up with the way you want it, don’t worry your second time won’t happen it again. That’s what I am guaranteed. It’s just a little practice with a lot of attention. Hope this article helps you to gain your knowledge. Comment us below if you are having any troubles.


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