20 Fun and Crazy First Date Ideas and Tips

Why is the first date always have to be dinner, movies and grabbing drinks at bars? Aren’t you tired of the same cycle of the first date?  Of course, dating should be fun. I know you want to make it like really fresh and unique. we all try to have a good first date. So, here I’ll suggest you 20 unique first date ideas to do on your first date.

The worst thing or best thing can ever happen on a first date. So, be careful what youdo not do or what you talk/ not talk on your date. Here are some tips for plan firts date ideas.

Tips for first date ideas

  • Dress well.
  • If you treat your first day as an interview, you will definitely feel like you are in a one.
  • Don’t panic or too much excited just be who you are and let your personality shine like a diamond.
  • Treat her/him as what you wanted to treat on the first date. You know, what goes around comes around.
  • Always try to keep your first date ideas simple and sweet.
  • Don’t over speak so don’t under speak. Don’t say everything that you have on your mind. speak carefully. Don’t let your words to ruin your day.
  • Talk about both you agree or both of you are interested. Share funny experiences, adventures you have done in that way there’s less pressure on you.
  • Choose your favorite restaurant you know. If your first date gets worst you have at least your favorite food to eat. Anyway always ask your partner when you are choosing the restaurant. It’s good to respect her ideas as well.
  • Sex on the first date? Well, that would be a judgment call.

It’s important to meet another person in a relaxed environment. Even the environment can affect your date. So choose a meetup location wisely. At a restaurant or bar is really old-fashioned. Rather you can select fun place like the zoo, museum, playground etc.

01. Go to carnival

Embrace the cheesiness! You know even ideas of going to the carnival is so fun to hear. Carnival is supposed to happen for the people who know each other well like your friends or family members may be. But how about going to the carnival with total strangers or person you met just now? Well, give it a try! Carnival is the best place to identify hidden personality characteristics of a person. Go to the carnival. You can get to know a lot about your partner.  You know at the same time you have fun and get to know each other.

02.rock climbing

The craziest first date ideas ever. But there are people who love to try different things, love adventures. So this crazy first date idea is for you. If your partner agrees plan rock climbing on your date. Trust me, it will be fun.

firts date ideas
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03.Climb a mountain together

Not only rock climbing you can climb a mountain too. These are different first date ideas you worth trying.

firts date ideas
Image: nomadicmatt.com

04. Go to the zoo

This is kinda different but worth to try. If you don’t want your date to be boring try different things like this. Maybe your partner will really enjoy the day. Watching animals together, having lunch at the zoo and seeing different people you will have many thing to talk.

firts date ideas
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05.Kites Flying together

I know what you are thinking, but this is not a crazy idea at all. I’ll tell you why, You know kites flying is really fun activity. Aren’t you supposed to be fun on first date. Maybe who knows you will fall in love with her/him on the date you met. So, you and your partner will remind your first date plans forever.

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06. Sports and games

According to the psychologists,t the cinema is the worst place to go on a first date. You are both sat there in silent for hours. But this won’t happen when you are going to watch a football game. Try to watch a sports game that you both love. With all the loudness and peoples I am sure the date will never get bored.

07. Go to the beach

Go to the beach? Why not! You can plan your dinner date near the beach restaurant. This is one of the best first date ideas that is surely bring back the romance.

firts date ideas
Image: travelwaffar.com

08. Go on a small picnic or day trip

Another great first date ideas that you never get bored. We all love to go on a day trip. So, why don’t you try it on the first date?  Plan day trip that you both love to go or the place you both have never visited.

firts date ideas

09. Meet for breakfast and watch the sunrise

We usually plan our date for lunch or for dinner. Have you ever consider the first date in the morning. Watching sunrise together and then take breakfast and after all, you have the rest of the day.

firts date ideas
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This is one of best first date ideas you can try an on the first date. If you want to select a partner that really cares about other peoples so you don’t want to wait too long to find out it. Here is your chance on your first date. Be a volunteer on your date if your partner enjoys the date congratulations you have found your soul mate or whatever you are calling.

11. Take a long walk on a park

A long walk is always so romantic. You know when it starts to rain or when in a night in a cold weather there are no words to describe how romsantic that moment can turn. So, give it a try.

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12. Watch the sunset

Sometimes all you need to do to have a date that is different and romantic is just going to watch the sunset. Watching the sunset together can be really romantic.

firts date ideas
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13. Go Ice Skating

Good vibes only! If only you have good moves choose ice skating on the first date and show off your talents.

firts date ideas


worth a try for a fun stranger date. Choose unknown road and just have fun.

firts date ideas
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15. Meet for desserts

You know dinner may be boring but not desserts, right? Try two three types of desserst from disserent resturants.

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16.museum? sure!

In a museum there are enough things to see, so you’ll never get bored.

firts date ideas
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17. Visit the food festival

Who wouldn’t love foods? Find your foodie. Tasting a different kind of foods and looking at various decorations… your first date will be tasty indeed.

firts date ideas
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18. Horseback riding

Pick a nice location with a view and go for horseback riding.

firts date ideas
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19. Visit market

And here comes the fresh and unique first date ideas. Visit to the market with your partner and do some shopping, explore different things, taste different foods and the end of the day you both have fun and hand full of bags.

firts date ideas
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20. Bowling

firts date ideas
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There are many different things you can try on your first date. All you have to do is just think outside the box. once the first date happens then it’s really up to you whether for a second date or another first date.





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