Does Olive Oil Makeup Remover Actually Effective?

olive oil makeup remover

Removing your make up is the most horrible thing that anyone can face. If you are using makeup on a daily basis well that must be really hard for you to remove them. And the most challenging part is choosing a proper makeup remover which doesn’t harm your skin while removing makeup.

The best option for this is removing makeup using natural ingredients. One of the best makeup removing natural ingredients is olive oil. Here is the guide to use olive oil makeup remover.

Benefits of Olive Oil Makeup Remover

-It doesn’t matter if you have sensitive skin, dry skin or oily skin olive oil works great on any skin types. The best one is extra virgin olive oil.

-The oily properties that olive oil has will remove your makeup immediately without any troubles.

-It works great on any makeup even on waterproof mascara.

-Not only olive oil will remove makeup but it acts as a moisturizer to your skin.

-It will make your face glowing like never before.

-After all, it is inexpensive.

How Does this Work?

Since makeup also made from oils it makes sense that oil to oil combination works fine and remove makeup properly. And did you know that many makeup removers included oil?

How To Use Olive Oil As a Makeup Remover

The olive oil makeup remover process is pretty simple yet effective. All you have to do is using a cotton pad and drops of olive oil remove your makeup just the way you do it with normal makeup remover. After removing process rinse face using cold water.


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