How To Moisturize Dry Hair & Prevent Dryness

When we ask from some specialist how to moisturize dry hair there is some common advice they provide, trim the hair ends, avoid the heat, conditioning regularly, use oil massages, etc.

But does this common tips actually worked? I hope no, and here you are still with dry hair.  So we are here to help you to get a radiant, glowing hair by giving best tips to moisturize dry hair using natural remedies.

Moisturize Dry Hair
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Why Does Your Hair Dry?

There are several reasons for the dryness of hair. Biologically dry hair can be heredity. You may come from a family with dry hair. Also, curly, thick and coarse hair is generally much more dryer than straight hair types.

And there are external factors that cause dryness of hair. Like excessive UV rays, saltwater, chlorine, pollution, AC, rain. Also using chemical products, heat, shampoos and styling product are also lead to dry hair.

Tips To Moisturize Dry Hair and Preventing Dryness

There are many advanced solutions to avoid dryness and moisturize dry hair.


Choose products that specially made for dry hair. Shampoo that available for dry hair are usually creamy, contains natural ingredients like honey, coconut oil, eggs.

Stay away from daily shampoo. What shampoo does is cleaning your hair and it also removes natural oil from your hair. If you have dry hair by daily shampooing will make your hair more dryer.

Use condition every day after shampoo hair. If not your dry hair will be hard to manage.

Hair Mask

There is a hair mask you can buy but I prefer natural hair masks. Because it always good to use 100% natural ingredients unless dry hair can be damaged as well. Eggs, Avocados, coconut oil, olive oil are the best natural remedies to moisturize dry hair and prevent dryness.

Protect Hair From Outside Factors

UV Rays, rain, swimming in pools or ocean can also reason for hair dryness or it will take away moisture from hair. Find conditions that have UV protection or you can cover your hair with a cap when you are going outside.

Color with Care

I know how much you love to do hair colors even if you have dry hair. So not doing hair colors may be really hard for you. So discuss your hairstylist with your hair condition and find low-ammonia hair color products.

Avoid heat products

straightening, ironing, curling may be really good on your hair but that might be the biggest reason for your hair dryness. But if you badly want to use those use heat protection oils before that.



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