Simple But Creative DIY T SHIRT Cutting Ideas

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DIY T SHIRT INTO tie-up dress

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What you’ll need

  • oversized t-shirt
  • scissor
  • measuring tape
  • needles and treads or sewing glue

For this DIY t shirt project, I suggest you select large or an extra large t-shirt. the larger the dress are the more length you can have to work with which is really good. okay then’ let’s start! 1st take your t-shirt and put it inside out and fold it in half. Now remove all the wrinkles out of the t-shirt.

Now make a small mark under the armpit of the t-shirt. Measure 3 inches from the armpit to below you just drew. now mark a small point in between the two marks. now measure 7 inches toward the middle of the shirt and trace out kind of like a “U” shape across the marks you just drew.

After done with that mark the hip and front line. Now cut off all the marks you just made. Open the shirt up and you should have two separate pieces. Now we are gonna start sewing part. But you can use sewing gum as well. sew on the marks we made (3 inches from armpit) earlier. if you need a slim dress cut the sides all the way down and sew it again removing about a half inches. Make sure you do this to both sides.  sew or glue the cut outlines we made.

Now cut 8 inches long 3 inches wide two-strip from the leftover fabric. Tie one strip to the front and other to the back. now you are officially done with your beautiful tie up summer dress you just made from an oversized t-shirt.

diy t shirt
Image Courtesy: Alldaychic

DIY t shirt into “v” neck dress

v neck dress
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Cut off ‘v’ neck dress are quite famous these days. This takes only a few minutes and makes any tee look wooow! So let’s make this from men’s t-shirt.

what you’ll need

  • a t-shirt
  • scissor
  • ruler

Take your t-shirt and measure the length you want your V neck to end. Draw V shape from the place where you measure. make sure to draw just under the collar area, so that you can keep collar strip. Next, mark another 3 lines about 3 inches just under the collar area.

Now fold the only front part of the t-shirt. Make sure collar seam are still sat on each other.  now carefully cut the top of the collar area. Next carefully cut the other marks you made. and this is super easy.

v neck
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oversized t shirt into one shoulder dress

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Lay your extra size t-shirt on a flat surface. Now mark the lines as shown in the picture.

Before cut it 1st make a pattern and draw it on your t-shirt.

If you are a beginner 1st you can make a pattern and draw it on your t-shirt. Now you have one side cut off t-shirt. you can just keep the t-shirt that way or you can remove the hand from the other side. or you can make cold shoulder hand for the other side. Each of those looks beautiful you can choose either one. After you done with cutting using a perfectly fit dress mark the hip and bottom side. now cut off the extra fabric. sew or glue on it. You are done!

Recreate men’s t-shirt into a cute dress

mens t-shirt
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What you’ll need

  • L or EL t-shirt
  • scissor
  • elastic
  • sewing machine

This is also an easy DIY project but the outcome is priceless. what you have to do is lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and mark where you want to attach your waistband. Next measure your waist remove 3 inches from your waistband. For example, if your waist is 28 inches then your new size is 24 inches. Cut your elastic band on your waist measurement. Now stitch elastic band to the t-shirt. Next cut sleeves. okay, you are finished!

Recreate a diy t shirt kimono

diy kimono
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what you’ll need

  • an oversized t-shirt
  • scissor
  • chalk
  • Fringe
  • needle and treads or glue

1st lay your shirt on the flat surface and find the center. Then mark a straight line with chalk and cut only the front piece of the shirt.

2nd mark a V shape on the collar (as shown in the 3rd picture) and cut it off. Stretch the fabric along the cut. As you can see you already have a kimono.

Now lay your kimono over to the back. stitch or glue the fringe to kimono. Next using fabric paint you can color the bottom part of the kimono. These two steps are totally optional and if you don’t need an extra work you can just keep your kimona that way.

That’s it! we are done.  Your DIY t shirt kimono will be super cute with your DIY bralette and DIY shorts.

diy kimono steps






15 different outfit ideas to style one Black T-shirt

black t-shirt outfit ideas
          Black t-shirt outfit ideas Image Courtesy: Google

Black is clean, smart and simple to style. We all own at least one black t-shirt but sometimes we don’t have a clue of outfit ideas and how to style black t-shirt or sometimes we feel like there’s nothing to wear with black tees. Check out our guide on black tee outfit ideas and find out all the simple ways you can wear the black tees.

Make a cute  black t-shirt outfit with jeans

Black tees are timeless and always trendy. You never want to worry about all the black tees in your wardrobe you can style them thousand of different ways. Black tees and blue denim are one of the most famous outfits. You may wear blue jeans and black tee a thousand times. But have you ever consider wear it more different and stylish way?

Simple black t-shirt, ankle blue jeans, and naked sandals would be perfect for the weekend casual style.

black t-shirts and blue jeans
            Image Source: FMag

Ripped jeans with the black tee? Yes!

ripped jeans and black tee
          Image Source: FMag

Black knotted top to show off a little bit of your stomach and high waist blue jeans with black sneakers… will rock your day.

black t-shirt and jeans
  Image Source: Thiswanderingeye

Don’t want to look too girly? Pair your black crop top tee with high waisted boyfriend jeans.  You can get a more casual look by cuffing your jeans and pair them with your booties.

black tee with boyfriend jeans
          Image Source: FMag

what about all black outfit ideas?

you can never go wrong with all black outfits. It’s always a good idea.  A pair of black skinny jeans, a plain black t-shirt, and classic white sneakers would be perfect for your school outfit.

           Image Source: Urbanoutfitters

A black denim is as classic as the black. Wear your black ripped jeans with a simple black tee and a leather black jacket. Matching your black tee with a leather jacket adds a unique finish to your look.

ripped black jeans outfit 1
             Image Source:

Don’t forget about accessories, they are important to show off who you are without speaking. Mix up your all black outfit with some heavy jewelry? And it’s a classic look that anyone can try on.

all black t-shirt outfit idea
           Image Source: Harperandharley

Going for a more sporty apparel? I guess black tee is your 1st choice.

black t-shirt outfit sport wear
           Image Source: Google

Pair your black tee with denim overall

Make your favorite spring outfit ideas by pairing your black tee with denim overall and for more stylish look lace up-heels.

black tee with denim overall
     Image Source: Google

Black tees with skirts outfit ideas

A night out with your girls? Try this all black suit which is perfect for girlie dates.

night out look
                Image Source: Styleoholic

A floral skater skirt is a classic choice for a black. Wear it with a pair of sneakers or ballerina shoes.

black tee and floral skirt
            Image Source: Styleoholic

classic but stylish. A black tee with a long black pencil skirt and a black hat.. You are going to rock!

classic black tee
       Image Source: Styleoholic

If girlish is your taste… Try this t-shirt with the floral skirt and high heels. Now you are totally okay for a date.

         Image Source: Google

Black tees are not only for casual days they are totally okay for office too. Combine your black t-shirt with a pencil skirt and high heels.

black tee with formal wear
    Image Source: Memorandum

shorts are the perfect combination of black t-shirt outfit

For an ultimate casual look pair your floral pom pom short and black tee and of course naked sandals.  This is super comfortable.

black tee and shorts
Image Source: Prettydesigns

Black outfits are without a doubt some of the most easily styled in women’s fashion. You could have a girlie look, sporty look, casual look or something a little more formal, either way, black will come in cute.   Don’t try too hard to look good in styles. Always try to keep your outfit ideas simple because simple is elegant.

Easy DIY t shirt cutting ideas – no sewing required

DIY t shirt
             No Sewing DIY t-shirt cutting Image Courtesy: Google

why do you wear the same t-shirts every day when there are many DIY t shirts ideas to transform your regular t-shirt into new and different.  They are super easy and only take five minutes to complete. And the most importantly it doesn’t require sewing skill. Here, I’ll show you two DIY t shirt cutting ideas to transform your boring t-shirt into something you love to wear every day.

cut t-shirt into off shoulder top

t shirt cutting ideas
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This is one of the super simple DIY t shirt  and this will literally take you to under five-minute to complete.

What you’ll need:

  • Old t-shirt
  • scissor
t shirt cutting ideas
6 steps to cut the t-shirt into off shoulder top

Take your old t-shirt and lay it on a flat surface. 1st thing to do is cut off your collar. If you are a beginner you can practice this on another old t-shirt that you really don’t care. But this is super easy ladies! even if you are a beginner I’m quite sure you can succeed in 1st try.

Mark directly underneath the stitching of the collar. but for the other side, you are going to cut a little bit wider than the first one. Because we want this to be an off shoulder t-shirt. You can select either side. Now cut the mark you just drew. After done with cutting stretch the fabric of the collar so that it looks more of a clean look.

After that, we are going to focus on the sleeves of the t-shirt. Cut about one inch from both sleeves and do the same stretch procedure for sleeves.

The third step is optional but you can try if your t-shirt too long or you need an off shoulder crop top. Cu the bottom part whatever length you want it to be but be careful unless you don’t want to ruin your t-shirt. What I suggest is 1st cut small part, check it and wear it if it’s not fit you can cut again. okay, ladies. we are done.  Wear your off shoulder t-shirt with high waist denim jeans or shorts and of course you can try your DIY Bralette with this off the shoulder top. Try this DIY and let me know how you succeed with this.

 Cut up DIY t shirt

t shirt cutting ideas
Image Courtesy: Google

This is a super cute DIY t shirt to try at home. But you have to careful with all the cutting because you can’t go back once you are cut off the t-shirt.

what you’ll need

  • a plain color t-shirt
  • scissor
  • ribbon or chalk
  • pins

1st choose a t-shirt. I recommend you a plain color t-shirt.  Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and mark the length you want to cut.  Make sure line is perfectly straight if not you can’t get this look. what I recommend is select the length you Want to cut and add a ribbon on the line using pins. If not you can just use chalk that can remove from 1st wash.

t shirt cutting ideas

Now mark the lines from neckline to sleeves where you are going to cut. You can make them thinner but don’t make too thinner if you don’t want to rip lines apart. Half of the inch would be perfect.  Also don’t cut too far from sleeves. Now cut the line you just drew.

t shirt cutting ideas

once you are finished with cutting stretch all the cutoff strips.

diy t shirt

The most important thing to remember when t-shirt cutting ideas there is no rule. You can’t go wrong with DIY t shirt. All you have to do is just grab your scissors and t-shirt and just simply cut off and remove the unnecessary parts. Don’t panic when cutting, after all, it just an old t-shirt. You have nothing to lose from an old t-shirt anyway. Never stop DIYing when you are failed because sometimes your failed DIY  t shirt will be the cutest and different one.






Turn t-shirt into shorts in a quick way

t-shirt into shorts

Here’s another quick DIY project that you can finish within 15 minutes. Turning t-shirt into shorts is one of easiest DIY project you can try at your home.  I know there are lots of DIY projects that teach how to turn a t-shirt into shorts. But here, I am trying to make this easy and quick way. This will help you to reuse something you would otherwise throw away.

What you’ll need?

  • T-shirt
  • Scissor
  • Sewing machine or needle and treads
  • Elastic
  • Safety pin

choose a t-shirt to turn a t-shirt into shorts

For this DIY project, use an old t-shirt of yours or your boyfriend’s, dads or maybe your brother’s. okay then! Let’s turn a t-shirt into shorts.

First, lay your t-shirt on a flat surface. It’s always better to use a plain color t-shirt or in case if there is a logo turn shirt inside out. Trust me, it’s going to work!

Now using the edge of the shirt as head of the shorts cut it using an old shirt you are using.

 t-shirt into shorts

  Step two- create the pattern

Grab your best fitting pair of shorts, lay it over your shirt fold it over and trace it out. Make sure you are leaving about half and inches for seam allowance.  Now cut on the lines you just drew. In here if you are a beginner 1st you can trace the shorts pattern on a paper. Then you can use the pattern to make short.

 t-shirt into shorts

 Step three- sewing part

When you are done with cutting, face the two pieces right sides together and sew down the sides. For this, you can use sig sag stitch. It will give nice clean and more of a professional look. If you are using needles and treads make sure to sew it twice on the same line. If not you can’t use this for a long time.


Turn t-shirt into shorts

 Step four- constructing the shorts

Now lay your fabric wrong side together and pin the edges. Now stitch that. After you done with sewing your piece should be like this. As you can see we are half done with our t-shirt into shorts. You are closed ladies, You have just a few steps to finish your t-shirt shorts.

t-shirt short step five

Take the safety pin and pin your elastic. Gather it all across the waist. Now, stitch the open area of the waistband.

t-shirt short step six

You are done!

Yeey! You are officially done with t-shirt into a shorts project. And your short should look like this.

 t-shirt into shorts

As you can see making t-shirt into shorts is quite an easy DIY project and also a fun project. Who thought just an old t-shirt can build something completely different. So all I am saying is think twice before you throw your old garments because sometimes those outfits can make something you can’t even buy from amounts of money. I really hope this article helped you.

15 creative men’s shirt refashion ideas

men's shirt refashion
       Men’s Shirt Refashion   Image Source: Google

Do you know that there are thousands of men’s shirt refashion ideas for a women’s dress? From simple top to romper you can refashion anything using just a simple shirt.  So let’s give it a try.

If you are not into cutting and sewing you know what you can just make simple style by pulling the shirt down or wrapping the arms around waist. All you have to do is just think outside the box. Don’t forget, unique styles never get old. Here are some inspirational ideas for you to try men’s shirt recycle DIY projects. Al of them are super easy to try and no sewing include. All you have to do is just rapping the shirt around your body. This clothing life hacks every girl should try at least once in her life.

Love the idea of turning men’s short into this cute skirt.

mens shirt into skirt
Image Source: YouTube FashionByAlly

An oversized shirt? Turn it into this cute dress and make it look much cooler with matching jacket.

mens shirt frock
Oversized shirt into cute dress Image Source: By Wilima

Can’t find anything to wear for date night? This rap up men’s shirt dress is perfect for that.

mens shirt hacks
Source: Teorema

Looking for new clothes for spring and summer? What about your favorite shirts of your boyfriend.

mens shirt dress
Your boyfriend shirt into a dress Image Source: Google

It’s all about the creativeness and the basic knowledge of fashion and trends.

no sew top from shirt
Image Source: DIY Fashionsense

men’s shirt refashion into a frock

Make tank dress

Can just a normal, baggy shirt turned into this cute…?  This is an easy DIY project which required minimum sewing skills.

  • What you have to do is lay your shirt on work surface.
  • Make sure shirt is iron well if not we can’t measure the exact measurement.
  • Close all the buttons on the shirt. Next cut the sleeve and cut the bottom part of the shirt.
  • Next, stitch the bottom part and attach an elastic.
  • All done! Your tank top is ready to wear.
men's shirt into tank top
Oversized Shirt into a tank top Image Source: Google

Men’s shirt into a knotted dress

For this DIY dress, all you have to do is just remove the sleeves and attach them to waste.

men's shirt refashion
Men’s shirt into a knotted dress Image Source: Google

Halter neck dress from men’s shirt

Turn the oversized shirt into your favorite halter neck dress for this summer.

halter neck dress from shirt
Halter neck dress Image Source: Google

Beach cover-up

Downsize your boyfriend’s’ shirt and turn it into beach cover-up.

men's shirt refashion
Image Source: Google

simple Off  shoulder dress from a shirt

off shoulder dress from shirt
Image Source: Gatheredky

Easy steps of making off  shoulder dress from a shirt

  • 1st remove the pockets from the shirt. But if you like to keep the pocket, you can keep it.
  • Mark the length of your dress. If you want a too short dress you can cut some fabric off from the shirt. But it’s always better to have extra fabric. So be careful when you are cutting the shirt. we can’t add fabric for your dress if it accidentally becomes too short.
  • Next, cut off the neckline. If you are going to cut the neck measure half of the shoulder measurement. You just have to mark the middle point. What I recommend is take less fabric 1st. for example, take one inch 1st   from the collar side and cut it, check it and wear it. If you feel comfortable with that measurement you can carry on but if you want to wide neck you can increase it.  For complete the neckline,
  • Now using a top or a dress that perfectly fit your body, trace your dress.when you are tracing always leave one or two inches extra for seam allowance. Now cut it off.
  • Sew or glue both sides of the top.  You can cut off the button from the top or you can keep the buttons. If you cut the buttons stitch sides together. Hem both armholes.
  • Now we are officially done with sewing. Cut off extra fabrics and treads for a perfect finish.

Upcycle shirt into top

One off shoulder top

Ths is a super cute DIY project you can try at your home.  Make your own unique off shoulder top from your boyfriend’s shirt.

men's shirt into top

men's shirt refashion
Image Source: A pair & Spare

Front knotted top made from shirt

Bored of wearing the same knotted top that everyone else is wearing? So, why not make your own knotted top that no one owns?  It’s all about adding just a bit of cutting and stitching.

front knotted top from shirt
Image Source: The Felted Fox

turn into a loose tank top

Tank tops are just perfect for summer.

loose tank top from shirt
Loose Tank Top Image Source: Google

men’s shirt refashion into Romper

Not just a cover-up dress, top but a super cute romper can make from just a shirt. Making romper from the shirt is a bit hard also it will take awhile but it’s worth to try because the outcome is incredibly cute. Anyway, I won’t recommend this DIY project for beginners.

romper from shirt
Image Source: Chic Creative Life
romper from shirt
Image Source: Firstladies club

men’s shirt refashion is not all about lower price but it totally unique. Sometimes we feel a little bit boring seeing same dress wearing other girls. But this won’t happen if you wearing your own handmade outfit. You’ll get more attraction and of course lot more compliments. Not everyone can make men’s shirt refashion dress like you do. So make your own outfits, get attraction and rock the world.

simple way to make crop top bralette from an old t-shirt

crop top bralette
                  Crop Top Bralette Image Courtesy:

This DIY project, I thought to give you an idea of turning an old t-shirt into crop top bralette.  Bralettes are famous today and it provides a reasonable amount of support for small to average busted women. with the back strappy, bralettes are kinda hot too. But the problem is we have to spend lots of money when it is such a little fabric.  so instead of spending much money on stores, why don’t you try to make one at home?

what you’ll nee

  • t-shirt
  • elastic
  • scissor
  • pins
  • needles and treads
  • measuring tape
  • an old bra

items for crop top bralette

step one- measure your bra size for crop top bralette

Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface. now measure the length you want your bra to be. normally 10 to 12 inches is perfect. now cut off the length from the bottom side of the t-shirt. this is the front side of your brallete. As you can see,  we don’t ruin our t-shirt, You can still use your cut off t-shirt as a crop top or whatever you like. Now measure your chest and all around the body. Add two extra inches and cut off your bra. Now you have two pieces.

t shirt into bra

step two- Attaching elastic

you will need six pieces (or you can add more) of elastic to cover the back side of your crop top bralette. make sure the elastic are longer than the front piece of the bra. now measure your front piece of the bra and mark five places to attach the elastic. Now go ahead and pin the elastic on the places you just marked. when you are complete with one side attach the other side.Then put back piece on the elastics. sew both edges.  Make sure elastics are tight enough and comfortable. Turn the bra inside outside and sew both edges. woo woo, trust me! this is gonna work.

diy crop top bralette

once all of your elastics are attached you can keep this way or you can add another two straps which are only for decorations and completely optional.

step three- attach the bra to crop top bralette

Take your old bra. Remove all straps and cut off the back side.

crop top bralette cut

Now put this bra into the bralette. Pin it. wear it. If it is perfectly fit to your breast sew it around the bra.

diy bralette

Okay ladies, now we are officially done with making DIY bralette.  Here is the final outcome looks like,

diy bralette final outcome

Wear your DIY bralette with high waist skirt or trouser. Also, you can wear it with a  loose tank top, halter top or a sheer shirt. It’s the pretty way to show off some skin without leaving a “regular” bra fully visible. Also, you can turn your crop top bralette into a unique bathing suit which no one owns.  I hope this article really helped you. Try DIYing ladies. It is easy, fun and also money saving.  For this DIY project I only spend about  1 dollar but it worth more than 10 dollars.