Switch-up To Hottest Hair Color Ideas 2019

So you decided to upgrade your hair? Then you will probably need to bookmark this because we are here to discuss the hottest hair color ideas 2019. Your favorite hair color vibe will have just a one step.

Nothing is ever really permanent especially when it comes to the beauty trends. Styles always come and go so the hair colors. Just think of your favorite celebrity, what about her hair? They are always changing their hair colors. That’s the beauty of trends and fashions.

Here are Some Hottest Hair Color Ideas 2019

Fire hair

This brighter, vibrant shade is just so perfect for your summer.

hair color trends
Source -hairminia.com

Chilli chocolate hair

Even if red and ginger are the colors of the autumn fashion season this new chili chocolate hair is for the one who doesn’t like to go for full colors. Without looking unnatural this color promotes the illusion of sunlight. And it truly looks like an expensive chocolate bar.

hair color trends 2019
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champagne hair

hair color ideas 2019
Sources – pinterest.com

This look is just perfect for the blonde hair. Champagne hair is so much lighter and if you are a blonde maybe this will be your hair color.

Mulled wine hair



hair color trends 2019
Sources – pinterest.com

Just like we love to drink in the autumn season why wouldn’t your hair be like wine color? Mulled wine hair is another popular hair color ideas in 2019 and try this look. And do you know what the good news is, this color is almost comfortable with every skin colors.

Shadow hair

hair color trends
Source – therighthairstyles.com

Shadow hair has gone viral from last months. This color is made from adding natural-looking shadows to your hair to look seamless. Shadow hair is new hair color ideas for you to try this month.

There may be thousands of new hair color ideas to try but you should know that all those hair colors don’t suit your skin color, your hair type and to your age. So the best thing is to ask from professional hair colorist help.




Low Budget Homemade Dry Damaged hair Treatment

dry damaged hair treatment

Aren’t you tired of all the lies between an expensive product that promises to repair your dry hair? But believe me around your home you can find the most precious natural product that treats your hair and avoids dryness and damage. So let’s discuss low budget homemade dry damaged hair treatment that you can easily do.  These inexpensive home remedies will be the best products you can find without any dought.

Why Would You Have Dry Damaged Hair?

Don’t you ever think why your hair gets dry and damage every day? Remember that it’s hard to avoid damage and dryness when you consider your hair like a science lab experiment.

Get To Know Your Hair

Your hair has three layers such as medulla – inner layer, the cortex – middle layer and cuticle – outer layer. The cuticle is the protector of hair. When the cuticle damage hair will damage too. All the chemicals you are input, with pollution, sunlight are also a combination of damage hair.

Causes Of Dry Damaged  Hair

  • Bleaching
  • chemical treatments like hair straightening, perming, relaxing
  • Hair coloring
  • Overbrushing
  • Hairstyles
  • Heat styling
  • Using mismatching products
  • Over shampooing

Signs Of Damaged Hair

  • Hair ends are sticking out and it feels rough
  • Lack of shine and luster
  • Lack Of Moisturizer
  • split ends
  • High porosity
  • Extream breakage


Homemade Dry Damaged hair Treatment

Apply Avocados

Avocados are a common fruit that you can find easily in the kitchen. Avocados are one of the best homemade dry damaged hair treatment. Mash avocado with one egg and two tablespoons of olive oil and apply it on wet hair. Leave it about 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this once a week and after one month you will get shiny hair for sure.  Avocados are rich in minerals and vitamins it will give your hair an essential treatment.


Eggs work as a superpower as a dry damaged hair treatment. Mix one or two egg depending on the length of your hair with two tablespoons of coconut oil and olive oil. Leave it about 30 minutes and rinse it off. Don’t wash it with hot water unless you want an omelet on your head.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

Combine one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar with 3 eggs, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then rub the mixture on your dry hair. Keep this pack about 30 minutes and then rinse it well.

Coconut Oil Treatment

Coconut oil is another best and effective dry damaged hair treatment. If you cannot find coconut oil then olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil will be great alternatives. After applying coconut oil massage your scalp and leave it about an hour and then you can remove the oil.

Dry Damaged Hair Care Tips

  • Identify before worst happens
  • Trim the ends at least every three month
  • Avoid hair colors and chemicals
  • Oil treatment at least one for one week
  • Find sulfate-free shampoo and conditions
  • Balance diet
  • Drink more water
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle


Wrapping Up

Hope you got good knowledge about your dry hair and then inexpensive homemade dry damaged hair treatments. Remember your dry hair won’t respond to your treatment from one week it will take at least one to two month to the response.

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Tips For Get Hair Highlights at Home – DIY Highlights



hair highlights at home

You may have personal experience of getting hair highlights at home and ending up with look like a zebra? Well, that can happens if you are not using correct instructions. The easiest solution for this matter is getting hair highlights by professionals, but isn’t that too expensive and time-consuming?

Get hair highlights at home can save you both money and time, but this DIY highlight project is a bit tricky. With little practice with my tips, you are able to get the highlights of your dreams in a comfortable way.

Why Would You Need Hair Highlights ?

If you are not into highlights but thinking why would anyone need hair highlights well don’t you think just a single-process color is boring, sometimes. And not only that highlights can prominent your eye color, visualize the slim face and bring out cheekbones. Also, highlights are really good for women who have little hair, because it makes the illusion of fullness. It also works with all hair colors.

There are two common techniques to hair highlights, foil and freehand painting (balayage).
Tips to Hair Highlights at Home
Here you will learn the most important factors like lightning level, amount, sizes, placement when you get hair highlights at home

Choosing the correct color is key

Hair highlights require bleach or dye, lighter than your natural hair color. The best way to choose hair color is by keeping two or three shades lighter than your base color. But you should be careful not to choose a too-light color, if not it will create a stripy, unnatural look.

If you already have dyed hair you will have to use bleach. Remember if you have used henna or vegetable dyes, it won’t support for new lightning.

Also, if you have dark hair color like black hair you will definitely need bleach because normal dye won’t have the power to highlight dark hair, but if you have natural blonde or light color, you are able to use bleach-free highlight kit.

You should remember that highlight color will depend on the color of your natural hair. For example, if you choose caramel highlights but you have brown base it will totally different with red color hair. So always choose highlights kit that specially offers your natural base (for brown hair).

 Don’t Avoid the strand test.

If you are getting hair highlights at home then it is important to start with the standard test. So after the test, you can get highlight without any fear and also you have a practice, to keep time.

Usually, the lightness of highlighter depends on the strength and how long it’s left on your hair. For a more natural look use fewer highlighter levels.

Protect your skin and clothes

You must wear gloves to protect your hands. Usually, these gloves come with highlighter kit. You can use a towel or plastic bag to wrap around your shoulders.

You don’t need the plastic cap

You know that highlighter set usually comes with a plastic cap kit. But you don’t need this tool unless you need to end up your DIY highlights with an uneven look.


Foil is a heat conductor, which means foils helps to lighten hair faster. So make sure o keep an eye on the time when you get hair highlights at home. Using foil can help to keep the hair straighter way and also it helps to get a perfectly symmetrical pattern you need.

If you don’t have fancy saloon brush when they highlighting, it’s perfectly no harm to use a paintbrush or toothbrush.

Moisture Your Hair 

Stay tuned about the time and remember the first piece you started first will be finished first. After rinsing each section using lukewarm water, give a good shampoo and conditioner.

After all,  use toner to look counteract the hair color. Toner will add a super shine and smoothy look on your hair. After hair highlighter protecting your hair is important.

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2018 Hair Color Trends – Choose Your Color

The new year comes with a hand full of trends for the fashion world. When it comes to hair color trends there are so many colors in the new year just perfectly matching for your hair. There is a good place for more natural-looking colors like cocoa brown, peach, caramel, spicier shades and for bright highlights. So, here are the latest and greatest hair color inspirations for you.

01.Shades of Gold

A lot more women are going to fall for gold. Shine your hair with shades of golden and your hair will very flattering. Golden color suits for every skin types and surely the color is so much shinier than ash and gray. The 90s, soft gold, gold-based color, vibrant gold will be huge in 2018.

2018 hair color trends
Image courtesy: Google

Red shades

2018 hair trends have given big place for redheads too.

  • Mulled Wine

The coolest hair color ever. It is characterized by a deep red and chocolate-brown throughout. And it looks as delicious as the drink. The color is so youthful and modern.

2018 hair color trends
Image: gettyimages
  •  Spice Red

A hair with red-hot “cinnamon” looks totally fresh and tasty.

2018 hair color trends
Image courtesy: Google


Rose brown Hair

From desert rose to buttered rose gold now we are here stuck with rose-brown shades.

2018 hair color trends
Image courtesy: Google


Thinking about trying new shades for this season but worry about skin tone? Then you can try without worrying your skin because it made for any skin tone.

Image: gettyimages

Caramel Rose

feel like having desserts? thats=s the secret behind 2018 hair color trends.  The combination of cool pink and warm caramel will make you drop dead gorgeous hair.

2018 hair color trends
Image: gettyimages

Orange Tint.

Donald Trump effect! There was time orange and yellow aren’t what people usually like when it comes to hair colors but time has changed. According to colorists, they’ve been getting a thousand of requests from clients to go full-on orange. What a change!

2018 hair color trends
Image: themarysue.com


Neon hair color trends

80s-inspired neon colors are going to take all over the place in 2018 hair color trends. Now you have a chance to match your neon colors dress with your electric hair.

2018 hair color trends
Image: styleeasily.com

Cream soda

The name came from the combination of golden highlights scattered and beige brown base.

2018 hair color trends
Image: gettyimages

Ash Brown

’90s-inspired gold and caramel highlights will both brighten and warm up dark hair.

2018 hair color trends
Image: gettyimages

Chocolate Brown

The color makes you look fresher.

2018 hair color trends
Image: gettyimages


Fresh and warm!This year, it’s all about embracing natural tone and here comes ultraviolet.

2018 hair color trends
Image: popsugar.com


Sweetest hair color ever! The color is so much bright and natural looking.

2018 hair color trends
Image: gettyimages

Jewel Tones

The trend is all over the Instagram. Color works best with fair skin tones.

2018 hair color trends
Image: popsugar.com

Pink hair

Feel like you are already on summer days? It’s because these colors are so much closer to nature.

2018 hair color trends
Image courtesy: Google

Ops! there are so many choices can find one? Go with what is the best look on you: It all about looks good on your day. Whatever the shades you choose make sure it totally goes with your skin color.